Sunday, August 16, 2015

Everything, Alright! #33

Everything Alright! #33

No Other - The Golden Eaves
eart Shaped Tamborines - Dayflower
tirling - Pure Morning
haque Jour Qui Passe - Aline
now The Reason - Moon Types
hirology - The Color Waves
early Beloved - Little Faith
ood On The Inside ( I Don't Mind ) - Sleuth
herry Pop - Girlscapade
wilight - Wonder Club
alk It Over - Bodyheat
tanding On The Platform - The Haywains
ere Without U Mane - Yorkshire Fields
aircut - Reporters
aspberry - Youthmemory
ilencer - Fault
hat Boy - Obedient Wives Club


Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Back again with another wee blast of stuff...starting off with a new Joe Brooker project ( based in Augsburg Germany ) called The Golden Eaves - featuring Joe & Kenji Kitahama ( from The Clay Hips, also The Fairways with Joe ) among others - so far just a few random tracks up on Bandcamp but I can sense various labels circling on this band !!! Anyhow seems this is available on vinyl in "winter" ( Northern Hemisphere that is )

Then it's a ( CDr ) single from Dayflower, a 4-piece from Leicester followed by Pure Morning from Sinaloa Mexico and a track taken from their debut album called "The Broadcasting Department of Philadelphia". Here's a little vid of another track from that album called 'Louder"

After that it's Aline, of course formerly known as Young Michelin, and a track from their new album ( due VERY soon on Aug 28 ) called "La vie électrique" - which will be available on a myriad of formats - eg digital wise from iTunes / Spotify / Apple Music but physically on Fnac on Double LP & CD

Then we have Moon Types  with the title song from their 3 track 7" ep, the latest in a string of amazing releases from Jigsaw who are totally on fire at the moment and show no signs of slowing - speaking of which they also bring us a song today from Sleuth off the debut full length called "Out Of The Blue Period" - coming out on very limited vinyl via Jigsaw & Kingfisher Bluez and CD from just Jigsaw - ready to go now on Sleuth's bandcamp.

Likewise with Dufflecoat who after a brief hiatus are now back and firing out the new classics with a split CDr from Reporters and Young Scum plus a 7" ep from The Haywains called "Bobby Gentry' s Tears", and the very latest an ep from Exiles from NY currently at the preorder stage. Reporters & Haywains tracks today from those releases.

The Color Waves track is also up for pre-order now as a 7" from Cloudberry, featuring of course now 3 of the erstwhile All My Friends lineup. Then we hear from Little Faith, a three piece from Northampton with a song from their debut "Long Bright Dark Ep".

Girlscapade are Sarena & Alyssa from Fort Wayne Indiana, who've just released their debut album called "The Summer Tape" - apparentely recorded on the mic of a cassette player ( it ). Equally obscure and also a home-jobby is Wonder Club aka Joshua Grimes, currently working on a debut ep called "Perfect Stranger".

Bodyheat from Glasgow, who I've played before have their debut self titled CD out now for your edification. Yorkshire Fields despite the name aren't from the UK but from Ruston, Louisiana and have a new 5 track ep out on Bandcamp now.

Youthmemory ( Japan ) also have Bandcamp newie available called "Raspberry". Fault are on the always interesting HeyHo! label out of Indonesia, today's track the title track from a CDr and finally the latest from Singapore's Obedient Wives Club, their ep called That Boy / This Is It.

As always, enjoy and see you next time ;)

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