Monday, January 21, 2013

Everything, Alright! #19

Back with a newie -
1••••1•• Crystal - Hiro
2••••2•• Save Me - The Choo Choo Trains
3••••3•• Hilma - The Choo Choo Trains
4••••4•• Black Ribbons - The Apartments
5••••5•• Erika K - The Understudies
6••••6•• Young Alive - The Ships
7••••7•• Observations - Melted Toys
8••••8•• Snow Is Falling - Secretly French
9••••9•• Just Go - Mini-Dresses
10••••10•• Daydreaming - Winter
11••••11•• A Pattern Recognition - Sea Pinks
12••••12•• Ge Mig Allt - Tiger Tape
13••••13•• Gypsy Blood - The Delaplains
14••••14•• Bull Ring - Gorgeous Bully

----- grab it here from Box
----- listen here on Soundcloud

Kicking off with Hiro ( alias Morgane Mace ) from Dijon in France and then its 2 songs from London 3 piece The Choo Choo Trains; you can still grab their self titled cassette here on their BC but they're about to put out the song "Save Me" on a 7" via a newish label called Manic Pop! - a few other 7's coming out on that label are featured today, The Mini Dresses ( who I mentioned a couple of mixes back ) & 2 Mancurian bands The Delaplains & Gorgeous Bully.

The Apartments is, yes, the former Brisbane band (of course ), the legendary Peter Milton Walsh, "Black Ribbons" an awesome 7" released late in 2011 on Chapter Music and you can still grab it from their website.

"Erika K" is a preview track from an upcoming album from The Understudies, due sometime in 2013. The Ships are from Nagoya, Japan & Melted Toys are from San Francisco and have a bunch of demos up on their Soundcloud

Secretly French are from Stockholm, with former members of The Mare & we.thepigs  - songs apparentely only at the demo stage but already soundin' good :)

( Samira ) Winter is a Bostonian, Sea Pinks are Belfastians ( and are up to their 2nd album "Freak Waves" ) & Tiger Tape are some more Swedes - previously known back in ye olden times as Moo Catfish, who I'm sure you remember :)

go for it !!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Other Projects" moved to a new page

I have moved the recent info about Everything, Extra! to a new "Other Projects" page to try and keep this blog simple.

There will be info on the new page about some other projects I have planned for this year, so if you're interested please check over at Sideroom Other Projects.

Some other things starting up via that blog are

more eps of "Everything, Extra!" - on a purely ad hoc basis
"Besides, B-sides are Better..." - dedicated to B-sides of 12" & 7" singles ( "thematically" )
"Outside The Trains" - a currently secret "in the works" project exclusively looking at UK Indie bands ( more revealed soon )

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Everything, Alright! #18

Ears are slightly better so back on the's what we have this time
1••••1•• Just Pretend - Fireflies
2••••2•• Happy Nice Day - Northern Portrait
3••••3•• Boxes - Beat Mark
4••••4•• Just Another Sunday Song - cornerBoy
5••••5•• Beneath The Skin - The Rainyard
6••••6•• Heavy Heart - Tripping The Light Fantastic
7••••7•• 20th August 2010 - Goodly Thousands
8••••8•• B Line - Pale Man Made
9••••9•• Runner - Go Violets
10••••10•• 1+1=26 - The Vanities
11••••11•• When People Like You Filled The Heavens - French Films
12••••12•• Honeysuckle ( Home Demo ) - Twangy Twangy
13••••13•• Kid Sister - Northern Spies
14••••14•• Ununiversalizable Us - The Very Most
15••••15•• Skink- A Riot Of Colour

----- grab it here from Box
------or from here via Soundcloud

Some old and new today - obviously with the lay off a few things to catchup on....firstly a preview of the "upcoming" / "any day now" new Northern Portait out on Matinee, a Soft Power cassette by Beat Mark ( France ) & one of 2 x new Dufflecoat's - cornerBoy ( the other one is from The Arctic Flow ).

Shelflife are up for it with preorders for the Goodly Thousands 7" ( as well as Pia Fraus and When Nalda Becane Punk ). Also up for preorder from Cloudberry is the 7" from Tripping The Light Fantastic ( Germany ), plus Alpaca Sports & Flowers 7's ( wow !! ).

The Very Most is the latest Little Treasure and Northern Spies ( Sweden ) is the latest from Eardrums Pop, The Vanities have an awesome new ep from Ano(t)raks

Go Violets are from Brisbane and thus far haven't released any "physical" product...thus far :)......correction : just opened my Cloudberry fanzine 407 which just arrived & low and behold Runner is on the CD ( aaah that Roque is a year ahead of me !!!!!!! ) onto the not so new...The Rainyard ( Perth ) song is from their great comp ( which came out a year ago ! ) of their awesome early releases called "A Thousand Yards". The Pale Man Made track herein is a single from their Red Box Secrets album ( which came in June 2012 ) via Odd Box. French Films are from Finland and the song today is from a 7" ( released last year as well ).

Riot Of Colour is from their self titled 12 and of course Lisle...we all know and LOVE Lisle, "Just Pretend" does nothing to change that.

cheers :)

meantime here's clip for an "early demo version" of The Vanities  1+1=26