Saturday, March 10, 2012

Everything Alright! mix #11

Lots to get thru today, the mix is here and the tracklist below :)

Back with more, starting with some fabulous Fins, Paperfangs who describe themselves on their artwork as 'a brother a sister & friend', their "AAVVAV" ep being a comp of work from 2010-2012 recorded in Tampere & Helsinki, you can buy it in either digi-form or cassette ( preorder ) from their bandcamp page

Then we pay our first ever visit to Caerphilly in South Wales and the work of Bradley Clarke alias hehfu. there was also an album out late last year via Bleeding Gold Records ( also now available via ITunes )

Then back over to more to the more oft visted territory of Gothenburg, with Alpaca Sports whose 7" will be out on March 21 as a co-release with Luxury ( Sweden ) and the ever great Dufflecoat, and then we have 2 songs from Cave Cat who have released 2 free d/l singles in the last month, - both singles available as d/l on their soundcloud page.

Staying in Sweden the Pale Corners song is a new single coming out on a Swedish label called Since Records.

The Birthday Kiss ( outa Leeds ) released 'Choking' as their debut ( free d/l ) single on Valentine's day ( get it on their bandcamp ) - something about this band reminds me of a few old Sydney bands like The Skolars or The Sparklers, especailly Sarah ( the singer's voice), seems they're working on more tracks for an album at the mo.

Tiny Fireflies we know and love and 'Picture Perfect" is from an upcoming Cloudberry split 3" ( with Lily of The Valley ) and also any day now the Cassolette 7" should be out there as well :)

Coastal Cities are from High Wycombe and released their first ep "thinktank" late last year - as an iTunes thang, "Relief" is a an earlier demo track not on the ep

Lazysofia are Indonesian and so far have had one ep on Bah! Records - who have also put out stuff by Annemarie & Palmz among other tasty treats

Fig Newlies were/are from Canberra ( "our nations capital" here in Australia ) and had a Dufflecoat ep ( sold out sadly ) and a cassette on Dream Damage - however I think the band may have split ??

Colour Me Wednesday are a 4 piece who ( it seems ) live in Hillingdon and Peckham, London, have had one ep out, and seem to be in at all for the love of music, which ya gotta love, some songs to check out on their soundcloud :)

Next stop on our whistlestop tour is Colm Dawson, Dublin, Ireland for Goodly Thousands, jangly pop fiends, 3 piece with more songs to check out on their soundcloud.

Then it's great to hear Je Suis again - where have they been ????? "Tale From The Sea" is from the "Tweest and Shout" 10 year birthday comp on Perfect Pop records from Norway, easiset way to buy the tracks for me was via ye olde iTunes.

And last by but no means least is Novella, whose 2nd release on Italian Beach Babes will be out and about on March 19

Phew !! A lot to be going on with there, see ya next time - please always BUY music and support bands and labels, for now enjoy today's mix

•• Valleys and Peaks - Paperfangs
•• Left Behind - Hehfu
•• Just For Fun - Alpaca Sports
•• Try, Catch - Cave Cat
•• Black Sheep - Cave Cat
•• Choking - The Birthday Kiss

•• Picture Perfect - Tiny Fireflies
•• Relief ( Demo ) - Coastal Cities
•• Lying Under The Sun - Lazysofia
•• See You Again - Fig Newlies
•• Holiday From Your Life ( 2011 Demo ) - Colour Me Wednesday
•• Bleach ( Demo ) - Goodly Thousands
•• REM - The Pale Corners
•• Tale From The Sea - Je Suis Animal
•• Don't Believe Ayn Rand - Novella