Sunday, June 3, 2012

Everything, Alright! #14

Greetings from a damp and rainy Sydney winter's day, probably it's summer where you are...nonetheless a new mix up and about for your aural delectation :)

•• Hubbert's Bridge - Model Railway Exhibition
•• Not This Time - Apple Orchard
•• The Door Into Summer - Canopies and Drapes
•• I Heart You ( rough demo ) - The Hobbes Fanclub
•• His Gesture of Love - Love/Comes
•• Ideal Images - Tear Talk
•• Panorama - Some Gorgeous Accident
•• No End In Sight - Outerhope
•• Fix Me Up - The See See
•• Khristine Anne - Archaster
•• Beatnik My Guest - Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
•• There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - Post Modern Team
•• Daggers - Detective Agency
•• Drowning - I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
•• Visions - Buzz Kull

Download/Play the mp3 of this mix from Box :)

The 2nd Model Railway Exhibition ep "Lets Make A Vow" will be released shortly ( exact date still a mystery ). 4 of the 5 songs recorded before singer Vanessa left the band. The 3 songs thus far streamed from the ep on their Soundcloud sound pretty good, this one definitely on my "BuyMeAPie" future shopping list on my iPad.

As always Dufflecoat are on the money with another excellent forthcoming split release featuring Apple Orchard & The Proctors. Woah !! Get ready :) . Recent releases still available from Andy B/Sex Sux ( split ), Gentle Isolation & Silent Love.

"And Putting Love Away" is the name of a forthcoming cassette from Japan's Canopies and Drapes, a follow-up to last years release "Violet Lilly Rose Daisy"

A rough demo from The Hobbes Fanclub, one suspects something that may appear on the upcoming Shelflife release....insert cliche - "highly anticipated"... insert modern parlance - "mad good". Meantime as we wait, a couple of live videos on their ReverbNation page.

Love/Comes are 5 piece Malaysian band who released their debut "Paraphernalia" ep last year , self released ( a split with Partimelovers ). They have also put a great new track "Summer House" up for d/l on their bandcamp. "His Gesture of Love" was also on the SEA Indie Blog's Malaysia Indie Scene "Mighty Melody'" comp.

Tear Talk ( 4 piece from Liverpool ) had a bandcamp ep release earlier this year called "Port Sunlight" via Bleeding Gold, today's track "Ideal Image" is one of some more recent things they chucked up on their soundcloud.

Number Line Records is a label from Manila, their latest release being from Outerhope, an ep called "No End in Sight". They also released the excellent Some Gorgeous Accident "Imaginary Lines" ep last year, both eps ( and all the other Filipino bands on the label ) are available as free d/l either at the Number Line website or bandcamp.

"Fix Me Up" is a track on "Fountayne Mountain", the 2nd release from The See See, which has just been released, grab y'self a copy via 'ere

Khristine Anne is the latest Little Treasure, the 'Would You Like Some Tea" from Philippines band Archaster. Again another label always always on the money :)

Les Bicyclettes Del Belsize is the latest Charlie Darling outfit, turning out a bucketful / a swathe of pure pop via soundcloud, as always in a prolific yet mysterious fashion.

Post Modern Team hail from Osaka in Japan, who have released 3 free eps thus far via bandcamp, the latest "Never Let You Down" featuring today's Moz cover.

Detective Agency are a four piece from Seattle, their debut Daggers Ep out now via bandcamp

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream are from Berlin and earlier this year release a Self Titled 6 track ep on cassette ( and digi-form ), which is available via their bandcamp.

Buzz Kull are a post punk/darkwave duo from the afore mentioned currently bleak and raining Sydney, and so far have released a bandcamp ( free ) ep called "Fallen Flower"