Sunday, April 17, 2011

Everything, Alright! Mix #1

Yes I was away ( long story ), but I made it back ( somehow ) and am starting again with a fresh name but still with the same simple idea of some songs for you to hear...

•• In the Absence Of Light - That Lingering Feeling
•• Kiss Berry - Pop At Summer
•• You're So Cool - The History Of Apple Pie
•• Out Of View - The History Of Apple Pie
•• Outside Myself - The Hobbes Fanclub
•• I'll Never See You - Friends
•• Billy Liar - North Of Cornwallis
•• Monday - Pop Romantique!
•• Snow - Tiny Fireflies
•• Wandering Ones - Caucus
•• Summer Love - The Notes
•• Dreaming - Seapony

Download the mp3 of this mix :)

Things to buy, places to listen -

The Hobbes Fanclub & Caucus - buy from Cloudberry

North of Cornwallis - via Holiday

Friends - buy from Summerhouse

The Notes - buy or free d/l via their Bandcamp

Pop Romantique & Tiny Fireflies - free d/l via EardrumsPop

The History of Apple Pie

- see their myspace & their Soundcloud


- listen at their myspace

That Lingering Feeling - listen at their myspace

Pop at Summer - listen at their myspace

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Everything Alright!

from the ashes of Humans Beware, it's Everything Alright!, picking up where we left off

oh and playing 'catch up' which just means more fun discovering...

see you soon :)