Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In Spite Of These Times ( aka Too Bloody Stupid )

Due to ongoing hassles about copyright. sadly I am having to put this blog into temporary freeze while I figure what to do.

I don't wish to end up in legal trouble, so have to stop while I figure it all out.

Humans Beware, the predecessor of this blog, has been taken offline totally - not by me - by someone who has complained about copyright infringement.

What disappoints me is that at the end of the day I am nobody in the greater scheme of things, just some obscure guy from Australia, and not a threat to the future of the universe.

For now I'm thinking about the options for continuing, so all is not lost....just figuring out what to do.

To everyone that has supported me and everyone who has listened and enjoyed the music, a massive thanks.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If you object to your song being on my mixes

Let's work on this together -

recently on my older blog Humans Beware, several whole mixes were deleted due to an anonymous copyright holder complaining directly to ( where the files are stored ), they have deleted the files, that's fair enough. In doing so they deleted the whole mix.

I would prefer a situation though where I removed the offending song rather than the whole mix.

For the record - if you are an artist or "copyright holder" of any of the songs on any of the mixes on this blog and you would like your song removed from the mix, I am happy to remove it immediately from the mix, please email me directly and I will do so immediately.

Quite simple really, and also helps out other artists who have no problem being included :)

Have a nice day.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Everything Alright! mix #8

hello again, another wee mixette for you :)

•• Driving Me - The Particles
•• Box Of Two - Young After
•• Home Tonight - Evil Men Have No Songs
•• On The Flight Of The Steps - Skittle Alley
•• Another April - Strawberry Whiplash
•• Elle M'Oubliera - Young Michelin
•• Shine - Leaving Mornington Crescent
•• I Found Me - Onward Chariots
•• Clondina - Reina Republicana
•• Meu Coracao - The Hobbes Fanclub
•• Cursed - Tan Dollar
•• Long Letters - Dear Marje

enjoy :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Everything Alright! mix #7

Komon - Friday I'm in Love (The Cure cover) from Antonia Pehrson on Vimeo.

After you finish watching Komon's video above, here's a new mix for you -

and while you're listening pop on over to Cloudberry to pick up the 406 Fanzine/CDR and the Persian Rugs 7 (as well as the new Very Truly Yours 7 of course ) - plus there's extra Persian Rugs digi-tracks for sale on their bandcamp so pop on over there too :)

Also, it's the Japanese band Sloppy Joe, ( not the Uk band ) whose album "With Kisses Four" is out via White Lily Records ( even on Itunes ) - there's a great interview with them on the Cloudberry blog.

Shelflife have released a 7" ep by the White Wishes ( from Russia ) as a follow up to their earlier freebie and Feel Presents have just released 2 new CD comps of Aussie bands, one by The Lighthouse Keepers called "Ode To Nothing" and another by Up & Downs called "Out of the Darkness" , both which can be bought from the website.

The Ritual Confession/Spirit House 7" from Fear of Men should be officially out any day now out from Italian Beach Babes Records.

We also have a couple more from Indonesia today, especially from a label called HeyHo! Records, The Sharesprings - their CDR sold out on Hey Ho but the song featured today is still available on Cloudberry's Sound Of Young Java vol 3 - and The Wellington whose CDR is available at HeyHo!.

Bezzy Mates from (West Java ) don't have anything released yet sadly, I played them once before on Ye Olde Humans Beware doing a Sunny Summer Day cover, this time they take on The Field Mice

The Holiday Crowd are from Toronto and you can hear more from them at their bandcamp and myspace

Novella ( from the UK ) have just released a 7" on Dirty Bingo, both sides of which you can hear on Soundcloud.

other than that enjoy the mix :)

•• Painted Like A Forest - The Holiday Crowd
•• Portrait - Sloppy Joe
•• A Thousand Yards - The Wellington
•• Stuck In A Revolving Door - Persian Rugs
•• Weakness Is Your Pose - The Garlands
•• Ritual Confessions - Fear of Men
•• Come and Say Hello - White Wishes
•• I Love to See You ( Daydreaming Me ) - Sharesprings
•• Oh Brian - Novella
•• Let's Kiss & Make Up - Bezzy Mates
•• A Time Of Evil - The Lighthouse Keepers

Saturday, August 13, 2011

some videos to watch

via Vodpod - check out the side bar or ( direct link ) is here

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Everything Alright! mix #6

quite a few from Indonesia,The Philippines and Japan today in the guise of That Lingering Feeling, The SIlent Love ( a side project of Funny Little Dream), Annemarie, Swimming Elephants, Ice Cream Shout and Brilliant At Breakfast

We.the Pigs are from Sweden ( and awesome - hence the 3 tracks, more on their Soundcloud ), The Tiny Fireflies song is from a ( limited ) release on a ( Spanish ) label called Little Treasure and the Crayon Fields and Cocoanut Groove tracks are from their respective bandcamp(s).

Check it out, I'm sure you will enjoy :)

•• Wake Up - We.the Pigs
•• Fly - We.the Pigs
•• Turn Her Down - We.the Pigs
•• So Sad To Say Goodbye - Tiny Fireflies
•• Sarah - The Silent Love
•• Tattooed Tears - Ice Cream Shout
•• Blue Sky On Holiday ( demo ) - Annemarie
•• Night Park ( live demo ) - Swimming Elephants
•• First Light - That Lingering Feeling
•• Ferris Wheel - Brilliant At Breakfast
•• Make Peace With Love - Crayon Fields
•• Huckleberry - Cocoanut Groove

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Everything Alright! mix #5

•• I'll See You In My Dreams - The Astral KInd
•• Come On - Melted Toys
•• Not Just Anyone - Cassolette
•• All Right - Sea Lions
•• Girls Tell You Secrets - Very Truly Yours
•• Wasted Days - Crush
•• Lift Weights - Terrible Truths
•• Luminescence - Some Gorgeous Accident
•• Give Me The Night - Ex-Crush
•• Lullaby - Catnaps
•• Is It Possible to See You Again - The Gentle Isolation
•• Back Bedroom Casualty - The Louche F.C.
•• Postlude to Fervour - Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
•• Signal Hill - Two If By Sea
•• Imaginary Day - The Art Museums

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Everything, Alright! mix #4

Me again, another mix, some more tunes for you :)

•• Benefit Of The Doubt - Crystal Set
•• Date It - Golden Grrrls
•• Deli Dream - Sourpatch
•• Spirit House ( cassette mix ) - Fear Of Men
•• Reason To Exist - Insect Guide
•• The Shortest Days - Let's Whisper
•• No Fun - Brave Irene
•• Weathervane - Early To Bed
•• I Know The Steps To This Dance - Carnival Park
•• Skyll Pa Mig- De Montevert
•• Not Today - White Wishes
•• Sweet Tooth - Kids On A Crime Spree
•• Feel My Heartbeat - Cartoons
•• Perfect World - The Proctors
•• How Much Younger - Brilliant Colors

Things to buy, places to listen -

Golden Grrrls - Beaches/Date It 7" out on Night School

Sourpatch - from their Mira Mija Ep, see their myspace

Fear Of Men - free d/l at their bandcamp

Insect Guide - buy ( 66p) from their bandcamp

Let's Whisper - from their debut album out now on WeePop!

Brave Irene, Brill Colors & Kids On A Crime Spree - all out on Slumberland

Early To Bed - free d/l at EardrumsPop

Carnival Park - from "demos" on their bandcamp

De Montevert - via No Method

White Wishes - from the free d/l "Today" ep at Shelflife

Have a great time !!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Everything, Alright! mix #3

Hello again, some more music for you :)

•• Light Years - You & Your Perfect Life
•• Walls - The Charming Youngsters
•• The Boy From Outer Space - The Hobbes Fanclub
•• All Boys Break Hearts - Ex-Crush
•• Awkward Date ( demo ) - Dear Marje
•• Farewell - Soda Shop
•• Two Candles ( demo ) - Cassolette
•• Snow Day - Transmittens
•• Shark Bait - Nico's Bike
•• Westbound Train - Two If By Sea
•• Black & White - The Birthday Kiss
•• Get Set Go ( demo ) - The ABC Club
•• Pretty When You Smile - The Sweaters
•• Scattered Dreams - Twig

Things to buy, places to listen -

You and Your Perfect Life ( Sweden ) - listen - myspace & Facebook

The Charming Youngsters - from their "Fortescue" cassette via bandcamp

The Hobbes Fanclub - from their Dufflecoat split w/ Leach Me Lemonade ( last copies !)

Ex-Crush ( late Just Joans ) - from Bubblegum "Singles Only" downloads

Dear Marje - demo/free download - bandcamp

Soda Shop - buy from Shelflife

Cassolette - "rough" demo, d/l from their website

Transmittens - old school Seapony but still !! Buy their album here !!

Nico's Bike ( Scot ) - also via Bubblegum "Singles Only"

Two If By Sea - grab their Staysail 7" via February Recs

The Birthday Kiss

- check out their Soundcloud

The ABC Club

- on Things to Make & Do, check out their myspace