Sunday, August 21, 2011

Everything Alright! mix #7

Komon - Friday I'm in Love (The Cure cover) from Antonia Pehrson on Vimeo.

After you finish watching Komon's video above, here's a new mix for you -

and while you're listening pop on over to Cloudberry to pick up the 406 Fanzine/CDR and the Persian Rugs 7 (as well as the new Very Truly Yours 7 of course ) - plus there's extra Persian Rugs digi-tracks for sale on their bandcamp so pop on over there too :)

Also, it's the Japanese band Sloppy Joe, ( not the Uk band ) whose album "With Kisses Four" is out via White Lily Records ( even on Itunes ) - there's a great interview with them on the Cloudberry blog.

Shelflife have released a 7" ep by the White Wishes ( from Russia ) as a follow up to their earlier freebie and Feel Presents have just released 2 new CD comps of Aussie bands, one by The Lighthouse Keepers called "Ode To Nothing" and another by Up & Downs called "Out of the Darkness" , both which can be bought from the website.

The Ritual Confession/Spirit House 7" from Fear of Men should be officially out any day now out from Italian Beach Babes Records.

We also have a couple more from Indonesia today, especially from a label called HeyHo! Records, The Sharesprings - their CDR sold out on Hey Ho but the song featured today is still available on Cloudberry's Sound Of Young Java vol 3 - and The Wellington whose CDR is available at HeyHo!.

Bezzy Mates from (West Java ) don't have anything released yet sadly, I played them once before on Ye Olde Humans Beware doing a Sunny Summer Day cover, this time they take on The Field Mice

The Holiday Crowd are from Toronto and you can hear more from them at their bandcamp and myspace

Novella ( from the UK ) have just released a 7" on Dirty Bingo, both sides of which you can hear on Soundcloud.

other than that enjoy the mix :)

•• Painted Like A Forest - The Holiday Crowd
•• Portrait - Sloppy Joe
•• A Thousand Yards - The Wellington
•• Stuck In A Revolving Door - Persian Rugs
•• Weakness Is Your Pose - The Garlands
•• Ritual Confessions - Fear of Men
•• Come and Say Hello - White Wishes
•• I Love to See You ( Daydreaming Me ) - Sharesprings
•• Oh Brian - Novella
•• Let's Kiss & Make Up - Bezzy Mates
•• A Time Of Evil - The Lighthouse Keepers


  1. Holiday Crowd is the best band I've heard since Northern Portrait came along.

  2. ok, i hadn't yet heard the wellington when i wrote that...