Sunday, August 18, 2013

Everything, Alright! #22

Hi there, back with more songs for your listening & buying pleasure, as always my mixes are for promotional purposes only and please support bands, artists, labels & indie music and buy as much music as you can :)

Before we get to the tracklist and stuff here's a live video of "Baltimore" from Trick Mammoth

1•Baltimore - Trick Mammoth
2•So High - Males
3•Lovers - The Title Sequence
4•Stars Fall Down - Yakuri Cable
5•Forever - My Favorite Day
6•Stone Lions - Paisley & Charlie
7•Glazed - Life Model
8•A Constant Rotation - Some Gorgeous Accident
9•Bye Bye Bye Grey Sky - The Castle Forever
10•Chapel Hill - StarTropics
11•Everyone's Dying - Finnmark
12•Victoria - Model Railway Exhibition
13•Everywhere I Go - Mini-Dresses
14•Another Sunny Daze - For Tracy Hyde

*** listen, etc via Box here

or on Soundcloud...via here

First up we have two bands from "across the ditch" in NZ, both Dunedin bands - a demo from 3 piece Trick Mammoth and the song "High" from Males ( Sam Valentine is the common link being in both bands ), this song was due to come out on the erstwhile Manic Pop Records! but I'm 98.75% sure it didn't make it out....please correct me if I am wrong here !. Anyhoooow both bands have stuff on their respective bandcamps you can sling them some money for.

UPDATE ! - Both Trick Mammoth & Males will be releasing stuff later this year on the Dunedin label Fishrider Records....keep an eye on that one for a double ep mini album from Males and a full album from Trick Mammoth.

The Title Sequence are based in London and are a 2 piece ( David Bailey & Nick Crofts ), they had a single last year on the Too Pure Singles Club and on their Bandcamp have released 4 singles / eps ( "Lovers" is one of those ) and earlier this year released their "Stills" album, all worth checking out.

 Two Glaswegian bands today - Yakuri Cable, a 4 piece who have an ep called Beginnings up on bandcamp and Life Model ( 5 piece ) who have a cassette out via Viscerality Records.

My Favorite Day are from Ecuador and earlier this year they released their their debut album "Reckless" which you can grab here.

We have 2 releases today from the Pebble Records label, firstly a 7" by Paisley & Charlie called "Stone Lions" ( they also have an album out on Pebble too called "Songs In Black & White" ) and then a digital album called "Gathering Dark" from The Castle Forever - who are Craig Phillips & Stephen Birtchnell, formerly of The Cavalcade ( as a long distance project, Craig seems to be in Bratislava and Stephen back in England ).

The latest Some Gorgeous Accident track is a split single ( with French Pop Dream ) via Number Line Records.

The StarTropics vinyl on Manic Pop! is apparently sold out but you can still get a digital version from here ( and a t-shirt ! ), plus if you track down them down in the FB eco-system they'll point you towards a free download ep ( "Chapel Hill" comes from there )

Finnmark ( from Leeds ) have a free d/load track out via February Records.

The Model Railway Exhibition song is a newie that you can download from their bandcamp....originally I wrote this track up as a new Best Friends' track but must have been temporarily insane...until a listener Matt pointed back on the right track - thanks Matt !!

But anyhow even though I didn't actually play the song Happy Anniversary by Best Friends it IS out on 7" out via Art is Hard ( which comes with a bonus comic ! ).

Mini-Dresses ( from Austin. Texas ) you know I love and they've just released a new download ep called "Two" - which you can buy here.

And finally today Japan's For Tracy Hyde recently released the "Satellite Lovers" ep via the highly prolific Canata Records.

Go forth and enjoy :)