Saturday, April 14, 2012

Everything Alright! mix #12

While we hang out for the promised We.The Pigs release here's a live clip of "I Want Something New"

And then onto a new mix for you today - and a friendly reminder to please ALWAYS buy music and support bands and labels.

Cheers, enjoy :)

•• Stay Heavy - Cassolette
•• You Don't Have To Go - Aural Burrows
•• Ivory Coast - Pure Bathing Culture
•• Cure Your Heart - Wallflower
•• Plush - Boa Constrictor
•• Wonderland - The Crayon Set
•• Something's Here - Splashh
•• The Rules For Hearts - Sleuth
•• Wildfire - Star Tropics
•• Lets Go Slow - The Gentle Isolation
•• You Got Got To Be High ( demo vers ) - Ice Cream Shout

•• A Matter Of Time - Coach Station Reunion
•• Pike Street - Blooper
•• Television Girl - Andy B
•• Eleventh Hour - PINS

•• Martir - Kapsul

Starting today with the killer Cassolette 7" out now on Cloudberry - "Stay Heavy" b/w the also excellent "Two Candles", plus you will be able to get some other joy from their bandcamp.

Aural Burrows come to us via San Antonio Texas, "You Don't Have to Go" from the 'Crescent Moon" ep, a follow up to the previous "Gravitation", a wander over to bandcamp could very well see you quickly downloading both eps for free.

Pure Bathing Culture is the work of Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindamn, former Brooklyners who now reside in Portland. Their debut ep ( including "Ivory Coast" ) will be out on May 22nd via Father/Daughter Records ( available now for pre-order )

Wallflower are from Osaka, "Cure Your Heart" will be out

in early June

on their debut 6 track ep called "Filled With Flowers" via Fastcut Records

Swedish faves Boa Constrictor are back with "Plush" from their "On My To Die" ep which can sling them a couple of bucks for at their bandcamp. It's also their first recordings with Elin on lead vocals, Amanda having left ( sadly ) after "Your Voice was Like Bowies"

More Ireland this time too, in the shape of Dublin's The Crayon Set, who released a self titled ( free ) ep late last year, the tracks from which you can download on their Soundcloud, they have also recorded their debut album, which will be out sometime ( soon I expect ) this year

Splashh are a duo from London, with a few offerings on their Soundcloud, plus a murmurs and rumours about a ( full album ) release later this year via Art is Hard Records

Canada's Sleuth I hope you know from ( and own a copy of ! ) their "Brave Knew Nothing ep" from last year ( they also appeared on the last Cloudberry fanzine ) know all this I'm sure !! The track today is from some radio sessions they did in jan of this year for CiTR in Vancouver, available on their Bandcamp, as is the digi version of Brave Knew Nothing, the physical cassettes now all sold ( including the 16 copy only re-issue. 16 only ?!?? ha ha I love It )

Star Tropics I dunno a lot about - other than they are from Chicago and a have a few demos up on their Soundcloud, and that I heard them via from long time listener Jose Antonio, that's all I know !! Enlighten me if you will :)

The Gentle Isolation are one the many great Filipino pop bands around at the mo, and they are apparentely re-releasing their prev Lilystars ep "It Started With an April Shower" via Dufflecoat soon ( in a limited edition of 50 ). I already have this via iTunes but will get physical product as well ( gotta love "physical" ). The Andy B ( from the UK ) song we play today is also an upcoming split ep on Dufflecoat ( with Sex Sux from Indonesia ).

The Ice Cream Shout track was a demo mix of an upcoming song from their next release, released to co-incide with a recent gig they played. All abit sketchy on this next release of theirs, I will let you know how and where to get it as soon as I can :)

Barcelona's Coach Station Reunion have released a 7" ep on a tiny label called Discos de Kirlian, the label's 2nd ep. They will also be part of a 4 label special split release for Record Store Day 2012 - including a Sundae track.

Blooper are a trio from Seattle, you can grab their excellent "Ballard Avenue" ep over on their Bandcamp.

PINS are from Manchester, Eleventh Hour from a now sold out ( dammit ) 3 track cassette, more to come from this mob for sure

and finally this mix would not be complete without some Indonesian shoegaze, another track via Bah! Records, the band Kapsul, from an ep with the excellent title "A Typical Moment You Would Be Happy To Put On Repeat" - the ep also featuring Silent Love - side project of Ganesha from Funny Little Dream, who we've played before and also have a 4 track ep called "Painted Smile" coming out on Dufflecoat.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Humans Beware Archives are up

After several requests from long time listeners, I've re-upped all the old Humans Beware podcasts I did - ie the forerunner of this blog - on the "Humans Beware Archives" Blog ; as you may or not know the old blog was yanked off by someone with copyright I'm putting up all the non offending posts again ( so not all mixes will be up )

Meantime here's a little clip to enjoy of Dusken Lights ( from Sydney ) ( ex Rabbits Wedding members) from their CD single, which you can buy on iTunes or from the bands website ...enjoy

"Little Shelley's Bottom Is The Top" - Dusken Lights