Friday, April 6, 2012

Humans Beware Archives are up

After several requests from long time listeners, I've re-upped all the old Humans Beware podcasts I did - ie the forerunner of this blog - on the "Humans Beware Archives" Blog ; as you may or not know the old blog was yanked off by someone with copyright I'm putting up all the non offending posts again ( so not all mixes will be up )

Meantime here's a little clip to enjoy of Dusken Lights ( from Sydney ) ( ex Rabbits Wedding members) from their CD single, which you can buy on iTunes or from the bands website ...enjoy

"Little Shelley's Bottom Is The Top" - Dusken Lights


  1. ha ha !! thanks, not so sure about that but hopefully nobody will have the whole blog removed this time !!