Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Everything, Alright! #27

Everything Alright! #27

Installation Constellation - Honeymoon
Boyhood Heroes - The Jangleberries
Get Out - Lost Pets
Taking Time - Day Ravies
Line Up On The Solstice - Space Daze
Going Away - Cat Cat
Child Model - Tempura Nights
Sweet Discontent - Tuff Love
Fleet Services - Not Made In China

Small Eye - Mope City
Daisy Chain - Heavy Heart
Occasional Sugars - April Fool's Day
Don't Give Me That, Rob - Brilliant Mind
Distant Night - Territory
Walking Through A Dead Night - Consilence
Hearts Are Breaking - High Hazels
Stranger Thoughts - Village
Creeping - Witching Waves

Dec. 15 - Grubs
You Are A Cathedral - Baker Island

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Hi again and today we start with Honeymoon, a band I must confess to so far knowing zilch / nada / nowt / nuthin' about, except that they are the first band on a cassette tapes club just coming out from No Problem Records, a label from Minneapolis. Oh and that I really like the song "Installation Constellation".

Then it's The Jangleberries, a side project of Martin White from Road Poppies, seemingly based in Adelaide ( South Aussie ). "My Boyhood Heroes" is from their 4 song ep "Top Of The Pops With Murray Walker". Insert your own names as you sing along to this one !

Next up is Nottingham 5 piece Lost Pets and "Get Out" one of three songs they've recently recorded, their wesbite aptly self-describes themselves as "formed in Nottingham in May 2014 following an advert for untalented girls who can't play their instruments. They want to be an upbeat indiepop party band but keep writing melancholic folk pop songs by accident."  

Beko has just released a new 7" single from Sydney's Day Ravies - "Hickford Whizz / Taking Time", and incidentally they are also releasing more Aussie stuff soon, ie a new CD Ep from Cool Sounds plus Vol 2 of the "Peking Tapes - Oz Do It Better" series, which I am sure I will feature here in some form when those come out. 

Space Daze is a side project of Danny Rowland from Seapony, and earlier this year he released a 12 song album called "Follow My Light Back Home". Beautiful Strange have a cassette version of it ready sitting waiting for you as we speak.

After that we have 2 new-ish Australian tapes, firstly from Whalesmouth, a c15 from Cat Cat ( Melbourne via Canberra ), a 2012 recording appearing for the first time now. Then the great "Whine Ep" ( even though released via Heath Wax in the US ) from Brisbane's Tempura NIghts, featuring Alice from Go Violets, Jay from Major Leagues & Alan from The Good Sports. 

For your official video type viewing pleasure here's a clip for Tempura NIght's  "R.I.P Chix" from the ep -

And still on the subject of related clips if you are unaware of Major Leagues and the particular gem of a track that their track "Endless Drain" is, or if you do I know it and know what I mean then check this out....

But back to today's mix, we are then we are in Glasgow for Tuff Love ( 2 piece, members Julie & Suse ) and "Sweet Discontent" from their first release "The Junk Ep", a 10" on luscious white vinyl which came out earlier in the year on Lost Map Records, There is a newie, also from Lost Map, the "Dross" Ep, due out early next year on pink vinyl.  Then we head south from there to Bournemouth for Not Made In China.

Sydney band Mope City ( "Marrickville's finest" ) follows that with "Small Eye" a song from their new 7" Halfway House EP, just out via the Brisbane label Tenth Court ).

 From there it's up to Peckham ( London ) for 2 piece Heavy Heart from their "This Season" tape and to Barcelona for the excellent Spanish band April Fool's Day and their Cloudless Ep which came out late 2013 on the Sello Salvaje label.

Brilliant Mind are the first of 2 Novacastrian bands today, their ep is 'Blyth' and is on Tiny LIghts, a Gateshead label. I know The JAMS did reckon it was "grim up north", to my ears the ep is maybe not that grim, though this review hints otherwise. Oh and any further north ( ie over the border ) and their song might be called "Don't Give Me That, Rab".
Territory are a 3 piece originally from Canberra ( aka "our nations capital" ), now resident in Sydney - as I guess is possibly evident by having a song title on their ep of "Cleveland St" ( street in the inner city suburb of Surry Hills ).

Consilence are from a Canadian 4 piece from Edmonton who have just released their new ep "Walking Through A Dead Night". 

Continuing our unintentional Northern theme, High Hazels are from Sheffield in last 12 months have released several singles, a 10 inch ep and a CD/digital album, you can track everything down via their bandcamp. The picture over there on the left is their 10inch "In The Half Light" which the Gods of The Postal System dropped on my doormat this morning.
Their latest CD is a full self titled album. Those and the earlier 7" single "Hearts Are Breaking" ( on today's mix ) are all on the Heist or Hit label.

Also from Canada are Village, who's "Stranger Thoughts" single came out late 2013 on the Kingfisher Bluez label ( based in Vancouver ), this was Village's second single on the label and I have been wanting to play it for some time now but never got around to it. What cemented it as a definite inclusion in today's mix was the appearance of a baby Kingfisher bird in my backyard this afternoon

being such a beautiful blue colour it immediately brought the label Kingfisher Bluez into my head, so hence finally playing the Village song. Also Kingfisher Bluez will be doing the Parcel Post co-release with Cloudberry when that comes out.

After that it's another gem today from Witching Waves who have just released their debut vinyl LP "Fear of Falling Down" on Soft Power. Grubs are of "super group" / side project type-thingy for Owen from Joanna Gruesome, Roxy from Two White Cranes and Jake from the Basement Fever blog. Their songs are also available on clear flexi from a couple of places ( links are on the bandcamp page for their single ).

Baker Island, another band from Newcastle have links to Owls Of Fun which I played last time on #26, ie members Sean Dodds & Cathy Russell are in both bands. "You Are A Cathedral" is the title track from their 3 track ep.

In closing today I have a round up of some further great listening for you when you're done here

On Songs For Girls to Sing there are 2 recent mixes "Mind Boggling - the songs of 2014" and a few weeks ago "As Long As I Have You" - and heaps of other gems and tracks there as always.

One of the most exciting new concepts for 2015 is Cloudberry Radio, Roque has done a pilot for the new monthly podcast, including awesome songs ( of course ) and a chat with Andreas from Alpaca Sports. 

and last but definitely not least is Psycho Twee's new Indiepop 2014 mix.

lots to enjoy :) 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Everything, Alright! #26

Everything Alright! #26

Roman Pines - Owls Of Fun
You - Clubwater
Fourteen Stories Tall - Pale Lights
Wish You Knew - Pretty Sad
Crow - Pokal
Take Today - Totally Mild
Too Shiny - Sapphire Mansions
Hikikomori - Mega Ogre
Hindering Waves - The Orielles
Cincinatti - Holidaymakers
Left Behind - Heart Noir
I Want To Be Your Cat - Milk Film
Heavyweight - Labrador City
Wednesday ( The Worst Day Of The Week ) - Zipper
Blvd - SMILE
Blue - Haruca Hinata
Growing Up, Not Old - The Third Round

Lilac Mouth - Bad Family
Diving Board - Little Cinema

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Some more great gift ideas for Xmas today, totes action packed so off we go ;)

Starting today with a Newcastle ( Upon Tyne ) band called Owls of Fun ( a two piece consisting of Cathy Russell & Sean Dodds ) and the track 'Roman Pines' from their CD ep Called "Leaps and Bounds".

Then it's "You" by Clubwater, a side project from Ebbie of Tamonkota, a 3" cdr on the small but brilliant Shiny Happy  Records from Indonesia.

Pale Lights have followed up their 'Before There Were Lights" album with a 2 track digi single "Fourteen Stories Tall / Twisting The Knife". Also only on digi-only single is Pretty Sad, a band with members ( Victoria, Luke & maxim ) based in Scotland and  Denmark, a 3 track ep from Shelflife which is a teaser from an full album from them due next year.

Arne Ellingsen from ( Stockholm ) Sweden releases music under the name Pokal and has just put out a five track digi ep called Five Songs, from which we hear 'Crow" today.

Totally Mild are from Melbourne and today's song "Take Today" is from the 5 Years Comp from the Bedroom Suck Records label, a double LP also featuring the likes of Terrible Truths, Blank Realm, Bitch Prefect etc.

'Too Shiny" is from the Over America album by Sapphire Mansions, their 2nd release ( with a third in the works I believe from my random travels on the 'interwebs' )

Then it's up north to Brisbane for ( 4-piece ) Mega Ogre and their second single, a taster of an album due "super soon" ( in the bands own words ).

The Orielles are a 3 piece from Halifax ( UK ), made up of sisters Esme (bass/voc ) & Sidonie ( drums ) Hand-Halford and Henry Wade ( guitar/voc )...firstly here's a clip to the song 'Hindering Waves" which is on today's mix -

That particular song the title track from CD ep that came out earlier in the year - grab that here.

Also worth chasing up are a 2 track cassette ( Yawn / Deduce ) released last month via Swirly Records ( in York ) and an earlier single called Entity ( after digging around I found that one on iTunes ) ( update : just found a CD single of it as well ) ( and they are currently in studio recording a new single by the way )

here's a clip for Entity - 

Dig ? I sure as hell do....

Next up is a track from the just released Woosh Comp from Jigsaw called "Ten Little Records: The Woosh Collection ", a comp of the various releases on the label and the flexis that came out with the Woosh zine

From that today is Holidaymakers ( from Scotland ), with Cincanatti, the a-side of their 7" vinyl single on the label, which incidentally featured all the way back on the Singles Blog #2 , way way way back where personally it all started for the online world that it is...

Heart Noir is a delectable combination of Tiny Fireflies & Boyish, one of many many many awesome combos on the Eardrums Pop three volume set comp 'Between Two Waves - The Second Wave" that came out earlier this year. I am sure you don't need me to tell you how awesome Eardrums Pop are but these comps are on another level. Too many names to mention here but head on over if you haven't already and grab these little beauties...

Next in the mix is Milk Film ( a 3 piece - Byk, Yky and Kth ) from Japan and an album ( their 2nd release ) called "I'll Remember October", available on CD from their bandcamp.

Then we are off to Switzerland for another 3 piece, also with sibling links - Labrador City, featuring Niklas & Moritz Stettler ( along with Marc Hofweber ) ( who, if he was living in Australia,  would pick up the ironic nickname of "The Hof" ). Today's song is from their "Kiss Hello" Ep. which came out last month, via Oh Sister Records in Bern.

After that it's the latest Dufflecoat offering ala the new 3-tracker from Zipper, a superb 7" from Melbourne band SMILE, one of many great Soundcloud tracks by Haruca Hinata ( from Tokyo ) plus a track from a great ( self titled ) album by Derby (UK ) band The Third Round ( you will need to get that one on iTunes )

Finally wrapping up today with another Melbourne band called Bad Family ( again from a self titled LP ) and last but absolutely not least is NY's Little Cinema and a single from their "Adventure" album.

Enjoy, see you again soon :)

ps there was a 20th track on this mix but it was requested to be removed, so henceforth no mention of that band / label here.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Everything Alright! #25

Everything Alright! #25

Reel - Fazerdaze
Wait - The Collected Fictions
Hold - Rose Selavy
In Bed - The Strawberries
Oh, To Be A Defector - Chorusgirl
Float - Fevrier
Now You Know Better - Magpie Instinct
Puff Of Smoke - Community Radio
Table Top Breaks - Mope City
Days Unfold - Flirt
Bite The Apple - Shine!
4U - Babaganouj
Restraints - Orca Orca
131126 - Majoriteten
Friends and Lovers - The Royal Landscaping Society
So Shy - Shiny Times
What Is Coming - The Room Outside
Bye Bye Bye - Summerset House

As always please help support bands, artists and labels and buy as much music as you can, even if you only sling them a few dollars on bandcamp...every little bit helps keep indie music truly indie :)

( listen / download via Box here )

I will try and be a little more regular ( posting ) here - so back driving the bus today and first stop is Auckland for Fazerdaze ( aka Amelia Murray ) and "Reel", one of six great songs on a s/t ep / handmade CDr she's just released.

Why not let Amelia tell you all about it ?? Yeah, why not.......

Then the big wheels pull up with a big air brake hiss in Manchester for The Collected Fictions ( another s/t EP ), in Texas for Rose Selavy ( formerly known as Gang Signs ) and then Glasgow for The Strawberries. They've released a couple of things - a split cassingle with Conceptus and a split digi-ep with Girlscapade.

Then Chorusgirl from London, oh to drive one of those red double deckers...but actually "Oh To be A Defector" is a song from last year and they seem to be in the studio as we speak recording some new stuff, looking forward to that...

Then somehow next in this "driving the bus" analogy that I am for some unknown reason using today, we manage to get the Greyhound into Norway, and Tromso for a four-piece called Fevrier

Then we cut back across the Channel and down into Wales for Magpie Instinct and a track from their "Empty Words & Gestures" album.

Then we're back in my hometown of Sydney and no way would I want to drive one of our crappy buses, especially around the inner west where these two bands are from. Community Radio released their debut album "Serious Magic" a couple of years ago now and a couple of digi-only things this year but are currently working on their new album. Puff Of Smoke was on that first album ( much more acoustic then ) but the version today is a new version on the "other side" if such a thing is possible of the "Real Transformation" digi-singl. Update - Also avialable on 7" from Community Radio is "Sick In The Car/ Wildflower" via a Madrid label called Tenorio Cotobade.

Mope City ( from Marrickville ) have released a CD ep, a tape of their own, are currently on a tape comp via EXXE Records and a digi-only live recording up in Brisbane for 4ZZZ ( for the "Live Delay" series ) at the Tenth Court Festival ( a Brisbane label I mentioned last time re Thigh Master )

Then it's a stopover in Hamburg for Flirt, a side project of Leif from Tripping The Light Fantastic ( along with help from members of Honeyheads and Sleeping Policeman ), check out their bandcamp page for a whole swag of wonderful tracks from the last few years.

From here I am dropping all the bus-driver talk - too hard to keep up ! Anyhow we then have a great track from Shine! from the upcoming Cloudberry Cake Kitchen retrospective CD for Shine! - as always another brilliant comp there ( and even though Roque doesn't like me to gush over the label - always great, always has been ).

Babaganouj are from a 4-piece Brisbane and the song "4 U" is one side of a 7" which came out earlier in the year. 

Then we hear from a 7" ep from Orca Orca called "The Shallows", aka Jimmy Hewitt who is now going under the name of Lost Film.

Then it's over to Norkopping in Sweden for Majoriteten, and a song which roughtly translates to "Amid All The Other".

Then a song from a great self titled album by The Royal Landscaping Society from Sevilla, and from the s/t Shiny Times ep - aka Kim Hart ( from Charleston, South Carolina )

After that is another s/t album from The Room Outside from Philadelphia and finally ending up some Japanese shoegaze from Summerset House.

and finally today when you've had a listen to the mix here's something else to watch -
Juniore Live in paris earlier this year....I am waiting for the album for sure !!

See you next time the 339 Bus to Clovelly pulls up at your stop :)

ps have started to do some (Insta)gramming of stuff that comes into my house -

"sideroomblogs" on Instagram...nothing mind blowing...just some stuff


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Everything, Alright! #24

Everything Alright! #24

Bass Drum - Fiig
Wolves - Glaciers
Safe Flight - Cool Sounds
Week Of Wednesdays - The Artisans
La Fin Du Monde - Juniore
Don't Goh - Sure
Social Clubs - The Ocean Party
Sent To Saltcoats- Peru
Trail Of Sequins - Rexine
Lonely Hunter - The Pretty Greens
I Wanted Something More - Persian Rugs

Little Little - My Light Shines For You 
Under The Stairs - Witching Waves
I'd Like To Save The World For You - Strawberry King
Long Weekend - Ciggie Witch
Yggdrasil - Postcode

Paper Boats - Reporters
Rubber Bracelet - Lost Tapes
Head Of The Witch - Thigh Master
Venetian Blinds - Expert Alterations
Sea Snake - Wet Wings 

Crystal Maze ( Live WNYU ) - Gingerlys
Getting Nowhere Fast - The Fireworks

Buddy Holly - Marie Collins
Ice Cream Sandwiches - Moss Lime 

As always please help support bands, artists and labels and buy as much music as you can, even if you only sling them a few dollars on bandcamp...every little bit helps keep indie music truly indie :)

or listen / download via Box

Long time no see but here we go.....because I am so behind on all of my blogs this one reaches back to stuff that come out last year ( and through 2014 so far ) but still worth a listen and your perusal.

A few Aussie bands today, a lot of Melbournians, firstly Fiig ( yeah two ii's ), a five piece with self confessed folky leanings and "Bass Drum" a catchy little thing from their "Largely Happy" album. Then Glaciers ( Melbourne ), the song 'Wolves" comes from their "Northwest" single from last year and still in Melbourne for Cool Sounds and a song from their "Melbourne Fashion" tape which is out on Whalesmouth, a label run by JJ Baker ( aka Bandcamp Hunter ).

Later in the mix we have Ciggie Witch ( also Melbourne ) and a track from their "Rock And Roll Juice" ( vinyl ) album and much later from Brisbane a 7" single from Thigh Master called "Head Of The Witch" - out on the Brisbane label "Tenth Court"  ( this is my favourite song at the moment ).

Also from Melbourne are The Ocean Party, the track on today's mix is from a lathe cut 3 track 7" that came out last year via the Why Don't You Believe Me label. Here's a video of an upcoming track from Ocean Party "Head Down" from their "Soft Focus" album due at the end of October ( via Jigsaw in the US and Spunk in Australia ).

Update : because I am a bit thick I have only just realised Ciggie Witch & The Ocean Party share band members !! ie the Denton brothers and Liam Halliwell....

Back overseas now and from the UK we have The Artisans, one of series of great songs on their Soundcloud, nothing official released yet but I suspect that will change very soon, Newcastle ( On Tyne ) band Rexine and "Trail Of Sequins" their most recent CD-r and a new 7" from Peru, 'Sent to Saltcoats", out now on Archdeacon Of Pop Records in Bristol.

Then we have Witching Waves and a track from the 50-only "Outline" mini CD on Soft Power Records and Marie Collins and the track "Buddy Holly" from her Hands Over Ears CD. love the Scottish accent here  - and here's some lyrics for you  to sing along to.

Postcode are from the Isle Of Man, the track "Yggdrasil" from their latest ep called "Year Of The Zebra Part One" out via local label Small Bear Records.

Reporters ( from Nottingham ) are another band which surprises me haven't released their songs because they all seem to be great. "Paper Boats" is due to come out soon on Dufflecoat however. Also keep an eye out later in the year for a yuletide track called 'Christmas ( Baby, Please Come Home )" on the aforementioned Small Bear Records.

The Fireworks I am sure need no further introduction by this ( if they do please head immediately over to Shelflife and buy their 2 great singles over there ), the track her today "Getting Nowhere Fast" is released on the London Freakscene label - as a playable postcard flexi, which I have to keep remembering in my record pile is actually a record !!

Outside of the UK we have 'Don't Goh" from the "Secret" Ep from Sure ( from Manhattan Beach in LA ), The Pretty Greens a 3 piece girl group from Philadelphia and their "Jealous Waves" CD-ep, who are on the roster at February Records and My Light Shines For You from Chile and the song "Little Little", here's another video for you, this time more from My Light Shines For You and the track "Green Bicycle Girl"

From Canada we have a track from the most recent Persian Rugs album called "This Is OK For Now" and from Montreal's Fixture Records a tape from Moss Lime called "July First"

Expert Alterations are from Baltimore and have a S/T tape out - like Thigh Master there is something I really love about the jangle here.

Further afield, in Europe, we have the always impressive Lost Tapes, this time a 7" on Beko and Parisians Juniore ( aka Anna Green ) and the single "La Fin Du Monde" - also get the first single "Christine" as well, both are great. 

Strawberry King is from Norway ( aka Rune Clausen ) and he's released an album called "I Tunes From Inland Lakes" which you can pick up here.

The Gingerlys track here is from a live to air late last year on The Afternoon Show WNYU, and of course their is still the wonderful 4 track ep out on Shelflife to love and own.
Last and by no means here today least are Wet Wings from Wellington NZ, a 2 piece ( Lucy & Darian ), earlier this year they put out the Willow Peak album via Lil' Chief Records.

Enjoy the songs and like I keep saying, please always buy as much indie music as you can !!