Sunday, October 19, 2014

Everything, Alright! #24

Everything Alright! #24

Bass Drum - Fiig
Wolves - Glaciers
Safe Flight - Cool Sounds
Week Of Wednesdays - The Artisans
La Fin Du Monde - Juniore
Don't Goh - Sure
Social Clubs - The Ocean Party
Sent To Saltcoats- Peru
Trail Of Sequins - Rexine
Lonely Hunter - The Pretty Greens
I Wanted Something More - Persian Rugs

Little Little - My Light Shines For You 
Under The Stairs - Witching Waves
I'd Like To Save The World For You - Strawberry King
Long Weekend - Ciggie Witch
Yggdrasil - Postcode

Paper Boats - Reporters
Rubber Bracelet - Lost Tapes
Head Of The Witch - Thigh Master
Venetian Blinds - Expert Alterations
Sea Snake - Wet Wings 

Crystal Maze ( Live WNYU ) - Gingerlys
Getting Nowhere Fast - The Fireworks

Buddy Holly - Marie Collins
Ice Cream Sandwiches - Moss Lime 

As always please help support bands, artists and labels and buy as much music as you can, even if you only sling them a few dollars on bandcamp...every little bit helps keep indie music truly indie :)

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Long time no see but here we go.....because I am so behind on all of my blogs this one reaches back to stuff that come out last year ( and through 2014 so far ) but still worth a listen and your perusal.

A few Aussie bands today, a lot of Melbournians, firstly Fiig ( yeah two ii's ), a five piece with self confessed folky leanings and "Bass Drum" a catchy little thing from their "Largely Happy" album. Then Glaciers ( Melbourne ), the song 'Wolves" comes from their "Northwest" single from last year and still in Melbourne for Cool Sounds and a song from their "Melbourne Fashion" tape which is out on Whalesmouth, a label run by JJ Baker ( aka Bandcamp Hunter ).

Later in the mix we have Ciggie Witch ( also Melbourne ) and a track from their "Rock And Roll Juice" ( vinyl ) album and much later from Brisbane a 7" single from Thigh Master called "Head Of The Witch" - out on the Brisbane label "Tenth Court"  ( this is my favourite song at the moment ).

Also from Melbourne are The Ocean Party, the track on today's mix is from a lathe cut 3 track 7" that came out last year via the Why Don't You Believe Me label. Here's a video of an upcoming track from Ocean Party "Head Down" from their "Soft Focus" album due at the end of October ( via Jigsaw in the US and Spunk in Australia ).

Update : because I am a bit thick I have only just realised Ciggie Witch & The Ocean Party share band members !! ie the Denton brothers and Liam Halliwell....

Back overseas now and from the UK we have The Artisans, one of series of great songs on their Soundcloud, nothing official released yet but I suspect that will change very soon, Newcastle ( On Tyne ) band Rexine and "Trail Of Sequins" their most recent CD-r and a new 7" from Peru, 'Sent to Saltcoats", out now on Archdeacon Of Pop Records in Bristol.

Then we have Witching Waves and a track from the 50-only "Outline" mini CD on Soft Power Records and Marie Collins and the track "Buddy Holly" from her Hands Over Ears CD. love the Scottish accent here  - and here's some lyrics for you  to sing along to.

Postcode are from the Isle Of Man, the track "Yggdrasil" from their latest ep called "Year Of The Zebra Part One" out via local label Small Bear Records.

Reporters ( from Nottingham ) are another band which surprises me haven't released their songs because they all seem to be great. "Paper Boats" is due to come out soon on Dufflecoat however. Also keep an eye out later in the year for a yuletide track called 'Christmas ( Baby, Please Come Home )" on the aforementioned Small Bear Records.

The Fireworks I am sure need no further introduction by this ( if they do please head immediately over to Shelflife and buy their 2 great singles over there ), the track her today "Getting Nowhere Fast" is released on the London Freakscene label - as a playable postcard flexi, which I have to keep remembering in my record pile is actually a record !!

Outside of the UK we have 'Don't Goh" from the "Secret" Ep from Sure ( from Manhattan Beach in LA ), The Pretty Greens a 3 piece girl group from Philadelphia and their "Jealous Waves" CD-ep, who are on the roster at February Records and My Light Shines For You from Chile and the song "Little Little", here's another video for you, this time more from My Light Shines For You and the track "Green Bicycle Girl"

From Canada we have a track from the most recent Persian Rugs album called "This Is OK For Now" and from Montreal's Fixture Records a tape from Moss Lime called "July First"

Expert Alterations are from Baltimore and have a S/T tape out - like Thigh Master there is something I really love about the jangle here.

Further afield, in Europe, we have the always impressive Lost Tapes, this time a 7" on Beko and Parisians Juniore ( aka Anna Green ) and the single "La Fin Du Monde" - also get the first single "Christine" as well, both are great. 

Strawberry King is from Norway ( aka Rune Clausen ) and he's released an album called "I Tunes From Inland Lakes" which you can pick up here.

The Gingerlys track here is from a live to air late last year on The Afternoon Show WNYU, and of course their is still the wonderful 4 track ep out on Shelflife to love and own.
Last and by no means here today least are Wet Wings from Wellington NZ, a 2 piece ( Lucy & Darian ), earlier this year they put out the Willow Peak album via Lil' Chief Records.

Enjoy the songs and like I keep saying, please always buy as much indie music as you can !!

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