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Everything Alright! #25

Everything Alright! #25

Reel - Fazerdaze
Wait - The Collected Fictions
Hold - Rose Selavy
In Bed - The Strawberries
Oh, To Be A Defector - Chorusgirl
Float - Fevrier
Now You Know Better - Magpie Instinct
Puff Of Smoke - Community Radio
Table Top Breaks - Mope City
Days Unfold - Flirt
Bite The Apple - Shine!
4U - Babaganouj
Restraints - Orca Orca
131126 - Majoriteten
Friends and Lovers - The Royal Landscaping Society
So Shy - Shiny Times
What Is Coming - The Room Outside
Bye Bye Bye - Summerset House

As always please help support bands, artists and labels and buy as much music as you can, even if you only sling them a few dollars on bandcamp...every little bit helps keep indie music truly indie :)

( listen / download via Box here )

I will try and be a little more regular ( posting ) here - so back driving the bus today and first stop is Auckland for Fazerdaze ( aka Amelia Murray ) and "Reel", one of six great songs on a s/t ep / handmade CDr she's just released.

Why not let Amelia tell you all about it ?? Yeah, why not.......

Then the big wheels pull up with a big air brake hiss in Manchester for The Collected Fictions ( another s/t EP ), in Texas for Rose Selavy ( formerly known as Gang Signs ) and then Glasgow for The Strawberries. They've released a couple of things - a split cassingle with Conceptus and a split digi-ep with Girlscapade.

Then Chorusgirl from London, oh to drive one of those red double deckers...but actually "Oh To be A Defector" is a song from last year and they seem to be in the studio as we speak recording some new stuff, looking forward to that...

Then somehow next in this "driving the bus" analogy that I am for some unknown reason using today, we manage to get the Greyhound into Norway, and Tromso for a four-piece called Fevrier

Then we cut back across the Channel and down into Wales for Magpie Instinct and a track from their "Empty Words & Gestures" album.

Then we're back in my hometown of Sydney and no way would I want to drive one of our crappy buses, especially around the inner west where these two bands are from. Community Radio released their debut album "Serious Magic" a couple of years ago now and a couple of digi-only things this year but are currently working on their new album. Puff Of Smoke was on that first album ( much more acoustic then ) but the version today is a new version on the "other side" if such a thing is possible of the "Real Transformation" digi-singl. Update - Also avialable on 7" from Community Radio is "Sick In The Car/ Wildflower" via a Madrid label called Tenorio Cotobade.

Mope City ( from Marrickville ) have released a CD ep, a tape of their own, are currently on a tape comp via EXXE Records and a digi-only live recording up in Brisbane for 4ZZZ ( for the "Live Delay" series ) at the Tenth Court Festival ( a Brisbane label I mentioned last time re Thigh Master )

Then it's a stopover in Hamburg for Flirt, a side project of Leif from Tripping The Light Fantastic ( along with help from members of Honeyheads and Sleeping Policeman ), check out their bandcamp page for a whole swag of wonderful tracks from the last few years.

From here I am dropping all the bus-driver talk - too hard to keep up ! Anyhow we then have a great track from Shine! from the upcoming Cloudberry Cake Kitchen retrospective CD for Shine! - as always another brilliant comp there ( and even though Roque doesn't like me to gush over the label - always great, always has been ).

Babaganouj are from a 4-piece Brisbane and the song "4 U" is one side of a 7" which came out earlier in the year. 

Then we hear from a 7" ep from Orca Orca called "The Shallows", aka Jimmy Hewitt who is now going under the name of Lost Film.

Then it's over to Norkopping in Sweden for Majoriteten, and a song which roughtly translates to "Amid All The Other".

Then a song from a great self titled album by The Royal Landscaping Society from Sevilla, and from the s/t Shiny Times ep - aka Kim Hart ( from Charleston, South Carolina )

After that is another s/t album from The Room Outside from Philadelphia and finally ending up some Japanese shoegaze from Summerset House.

and finally today when you've had a listen to the mix here's something else to watch -
Juniore Live in paris earlier this year....I am waiting for the album for sure !!

See you next time the 339 Bus to Clovelly pulls up at your stop :)

ps have started to do some (Insta)gramming of stuff that comes into my house -

"sideroomblogs" on Instagram...nothing mind blowing...just some stuff


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