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Everything, Alright! #26

Everything Alright! #26

Roman Pines - Owls Of Fun
You - Clubwater
Fourteen Stories Tall - Pale Lights
Wish You Knew - Pretty Sad
Crow - Pokal
Take Today - Totally Mild
Too Shiny - Sapphire Mansions
Hikikomori - Mega Ogre
Hindering Waves - The Orielles
Cincinatti - Holidaymakers
Left Behind - Heart Noir
I Want To Be Your Cat - Milk Film
Heavyweight - Labrador City
Wednesday ( The Worst Day Of The Week ) - Zipper
Blvd - SMILE
Blue - Haruca Hinata
Growing Up, Not Old - The Third Round

Lilac Mouth - Bad Family
Diving Board - Little Cinema

Play music.......BUY music......Love music !!

( alternatively listen to / dl the mix via Box here )

Some more great gift ideas for Xmas today, totes action packed so off we go ;)

Starting today with a Newcastle ( Upon Tyne ) band called Owls of Fun ( a two piece consisting of Cathy Russell & Sean Dodds ) and the track 'Roman Pines' from their CD ep Called "Leaps and Bounds".

Then it's "You" by Clubwater, a side project from Ebbie of Tamonkota, a 3" cdr on the small but brilliant Shiny Happy  Records from Indonesia.

Pale Lights have followed up their 'Before There Were Lights" album with a 2 track digi single "Fourteen Stories Tall / Twisting The Knife". Also only on digi-only single is Pretty Sad, a band with members ( Victoria, Luke & maxim ) based in Scotland and  Denmark, a 3 track ep from Shelflife which is a teaser from an full album from them due next year.

Arne Ellingsen from ( Stockholm ) Sweden releases music under the name Pokal and has just put out a five track digi ep called Five Songs, from which we hear 'Crow" today.

Totally Mild are from Melbourne and today's song "Take Today" is from the 5 Years Comp from the Bedroom Suck Records label, a double LP also featuring the likes of Terrible Truths, Blank Realm, Bitch Prefect etc.

'Too Shiny" is from the Over America album by Sapphire Mansions, their 2nd release ( with a third in the works I believe from my random travels on the 'interwebs' )

Then it's up north to Brisbane for ( 4-piece ) Mega Ogre and their second single, a taster of an album due "super soon" ( in the bands own words ).

The Orielles are a 3 piece from Halifax ( UK ), made up of sisters Esme (bass/voc ) & Sidonie ( drums ) Hand-Halford and Henry Wade ( guitar/voc )...firstly here's a clip to the song 'Hindering Waves" which is on today's mix -

That particular song the title track from CD ep that came out earlier in the year - grab that here.

Also worth chasing up are a 2 track cassette ( Yawn / Deduce ) released last month via Swirly Records ( in York ) and an earlier single called Entity ( after digging around I found that one on iTunes ) ( update : just found a CD single of it as well ) ( and they are currently in studio recording a new single by the way )

here's a clip for Entity - 

Dig ? I sure as hell do....

Next up is a track from the just released Woosh Comp from Jigsaw called "Ten Little Records: The Woosh Collection ", a comp of the various releases on the label and the flexis that came out with the Woosh zine

From that today is Holidaymakers ( from Scotland ), with Cincanatti, the a-side of their 7" vinyl single on the label, which incidentally featured all the way back on the Singles Blog #2 , way way way back where personally it all started for the online world that it is...

Heart Noir is a delectable combination of Tiny Fireflies & Boyish, one of many many many awesome combos on the Eardrums Pop three volume set comp 'Between Two Waves - The Second Wave" that came out earlier this year. I am sure you don't need me to tell you how awesome Eardrums Pop are but these comps are on another level. Too many names to mention here but head on over if you haven't already and grab these little beauties...

Next in the mix is Milk Film ( a 3 piece - Byk, Yky and Kth ) from Japan and an album ( their 2nd release ) called "I'll Remember October", available on CD from their bandcamp.

Then we are off to Switzerland for another 3 piece, also with sibling links - Labrador City, featuring Niklas & Moritz Stettler ( along with Marc Hofweber ) ( who, if he was living in Australia,  would pick up the ironic nickname of "The Hof" ). Today's song is from their "Kiss Hello" Ep. which came out last month, via Oh Sister Records in Bern.

After that it's the latest Dufflecoat offering ala the new 3-tracker from Zipper, a superb 7" from Melbourne band SMILE, one of many great Soundcloud tracks by Haruca Hinata ( from Tokyo ) plus a track from a great ( self titled ) album by Derby (UK ) band The Third Round ( you will need to get that one on iTunes )

Finally wrapping up today with another Melbourne band called Bad Family ( again from a self titled LP ) and last but absolutely not least is NY's Little Cinema and a single from their "Adventure" album.

Enjoy, see you again soon :)

ps there was a 20th track on this mix but it was requested to be removed, so henceforth no mention of that band / label here.

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