Thursday, January 26, 2012

Everything Alright! mix #10

A new mix for you to hear today....

Meantime happy to say that the The Holiday Crowd Mini-LP "Over The Bluffs" is officially out now from both our good friends at Shelflife, and a Canadian label New Romantic, here's a clip for Pennies Found from the LP :)

Now, done to the nitty gritty of who and what's on today's mix -

Sci-Fi Caper from Fresno have 2 free download eps, "Skeleton Tracks" ( where "Bloom Like Roses" comes from ) and "In The Garage" which is a 'recorded practice session', ( no doubt in their garage ).

Model Railway Exhibition are a 3 piece from London and you can grab their "Jennifer's Brother" cassette/download ( out via Verulamium Records ) from their bandcamp ( only 2 pounds but worth more !! ).

Obedient Wives Club are from Singapore and had a 3" cdr out via Happy Teardrop Music ( 80 only, long sold out ) but the 4 songs from the ep and a bonus song are for sale on the band's Bandcamp.

Bit of Dufflecoat related news - the Sunny Street/Kuraykin split is out out now - both sides brilliant songs, "Hungry Hippo's" being from there. There are recent releases from Astrolab & Watoo Watoo as well and I'm spreading the rumour here and now that We.The Pigs will be coming out on a future split, which is exciting news.

Burning Hearts will release their "Extinctions" album on Feb 1 ( yes next week !!! ) via the Finnish label Solina Records ( & eventually on Shelflife I believe ). Meantime "Burn Burn Burn" is a single from the album which you can pick up via the Finnish iTunes ( if you're allowed from your country ).

The Sundae release on Little Treasure hasn't surfaced yet ( any day now for sure ) in the meantime a preview track from the ep is on Sundae's Soundcloud. ( as well as the great Nixon cover I'm playing on today's mix ).

Strawberry Whiplash's "Stop Look & Listen" 7- inch ep on Matinee is a bit of a ( very juicy ) taster from their upcoming debut album 'Hits In The Car" - as they say in the classics 'can't wait for that one".

Also today we hear a few songs from the SEA Indie scene - Serenaide from their 2004 "The Other End Of The Receiver" album on Fruit Records ( which I think has folded ), Talkless who are from Thailand & Taman Kota from Indonesia from an upcoming release on Shiny Happy Records, who will also release the Burrrn track we're playing today soon ( they are from Japan ) on an ep called "Artistic Destruction & Construction".

The SEA Indie blog has also put out a new collaborative Filipino comp with Pop Scene Manila, another great collection of Filipino pop, which you can grab here.

Always BUY music and support bands and labels :)

Please enjoy this little mix :)

•• Bloom Like Roses - Sci Fi Caper
•• Too Young ( demo vers ) - We.The Pigs
•• Jennifer's Brother - Model Railway Exhibition
•• Miss Holiday - Talkless
•• Burn Burn Burn - Burning Hearts
•• Sometimes - Taman Kota
•• Look At Us - Obedient Wives Club
•• Flirtation - Burrrn
•• In The Blink Of An Eye - Strawberry Whiplash
•• Climbing Walls ( Nixon Cover ) - Sundae
•• Hungry Hippo's - The Sunny Street
•• The Sweetest - Serenaide

Friday, January 6, 2012

Everything Alright! mix #9 - Believers

I've think the people hassling me over copyright have lost here's a new mix for the true believers

( can't keep me down - you betcha )

A bit of a Shelflife love fest, with tracks from their recents releases from White Wishes, Balloon Magic ( our new Magic Danes, their Mornings Ep is REALLY good ) & The Proctors - AND !! I suspect The Holiday Crowd are coming out soon on Shelflife ( I can feel it in my waters ) ( then again I could be wrong..)

Bit more of a Toronto connection with a demo version of the Persian Rugs Cloudberry 7" and a bandcamp demo from Autoportrait. Bit of a live Vimeo clip of the Rugs here.

Also an amazing track from the latest Cloudberry release, a CD from Feverfew, in a tasty new series they have called "Cloudberry Cake Kitchen".

2 tracks from Pebble Records - the always great Cavalcade ( a new 7" that's been in the pipeline for some time and finally out ) plus another 7" from Tracey's Love ( from London ).

And last by but no means least a new 3' on Little Treasure from The Arctic Flow ( Sundae out soon there as well ).

Always BUY music where you can :)

Meantime enjoy this little mix :)

•• Crimson Gloom - Feverfew
•• Never Speak Of It Again - The Holiday Crowd
•• Lipstick Girl - Tracey's Love
•• Jimmy - White Wishes
•• I'm Like A Ship Trapped Inside a Bottle - The Cavalcade
•• Falling ( demo ) - Autoportrait
•• Vanity Of Human Wishes - The Arctic Flow
•• Always All ( 4 track demo ) - Persian Rugs
•• I'd Like To Build A House - Balloon Magic
•• All The Books - The Proctors
•• Someone As - Rabbits Wedding
•• Penny's Found - The Holiday Crowd