Thursday, January 26, 2012

Everything Alright! mix #10

A new mix for you to hear today....

Meantime happy to say that the The Holiday Crowd Mini-LP "Over The Bluffs" is officially out now from both our good friends at Shelflife, and a Canadian label New Romantic, here's a clip for Pennies Found from the LP :)

Now, done to the nitty gritty of who and what's on today's mix -

Sci-Fi Caper from Fresno have 2 free download eps, "Skeleton Tracks" ( where "Bloom Like Roses" comes from ) and "In The Garage" which is a 'recorded practice session', ( no doubt in their garage ).

Model Railway Exhibition are a 3 piece from London and you can grab their "Jennifer's Brother" cassette/download ( out via Verulamium Records ) from their bandcamp ( only 2 pounds but worth more !! ).

Obedient Wives Club are from Singapore and had a 3" cdr out via Happy Teardrop Music ( 80 only, long sold out ) but the 4 songs from the ep and a bonus song are for sale on the band's Bandcamp.

Bit of Dufflecoat related news - the Sunny Street/Kuraykin split is out out now - both sides brilliant songs, "Hungry Hippo's" being from there. There are recent releases from Astrolab & Watoo Watoo as well and I'm spreading the rumour here and now that We.The Pigs will be coming out on a future split, which is exciting news.

Burning Hearts will release their "Extinctions" album on Feb 1 ( yes next week !!! ) via the Finnish label Solina Records ( & eventually on Shelflife I believe ). Meantime "Burn Burn Burn" is a single from the album which you can pick up via the Finnish iTunes ( if you're allowed from your country ).

The Sundae release on Little Treasure hasn't surfaced yet ( any day now for sure ) in the meantime a preview track from the ep is on Sundae's Soundcloud. ( as well as the great Nixon cover I'm playing on today's mix ).

Strawberry Whiplash's "Stop Look & Listen" 7- inch ep on Matinee is a bit of a ( very juicy ) taster from their upcoming debut album 'Hits In The Car" - as they say in the classics 'can't wait for that one".

Also today we hear a few songs from the SEA Indie scene - Serenaide from their 2004 "The Other End Of The Receiver" album on Fruit Records ( which I think has folded ), Talkless who are from Thailand & Taman Kota from Indonesia from an upcoming release on Shiny Happy Records, who will also release the Burrrn track we're playing today soon ( they are from Japan ) on an ep called "Artistic Destruction & Construction".

The SEA Indie blog has also put out a new collaborative Filipino comp with Pop Scene Manila, another great collection of Filipino pop, which you can grab here.

Always BUY music and support bands and labels :)

Please enjoy this little mix :)

•• Bloom Like Roses - Sci Fi Caper
•• Too Young ( demo vers ) - We.The Pigs
•• Jennifer's Brother - Model Railway Exhibition
•• Miss Holiday - Talkless
•• Burn Burn Burn - Burning Hearts
•• Sometimes - Taman Kota
•• Look At Us - Obedient Wives Club
•• Flirtation - Burrrn
•• In The Blink Of An Eye - Strawberry Whiplash
•• Climbing Walls ( Nixon Cover ) - Sundae
•• Hungry Hippo's - The Sunny Street
•• The Sweetest - Serenaide


  1. The Holiday Crowd, Northern Portrait, Love Dance, Silver Screen, The Arctic Flow (earlier works) me hope I'll never grow bored looking for new bands.

  2. true, true, there are some great bands just popping up at the moment