Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Everything, Alright! #32

Everything Alright! #32

Boy You Can Tell Me - Don't Cry Shopgirl
Summer Dream ( demo ) - Maitee
Bruise - Automatically Yours
Lucy - Plastic Flowers
Clinging To The Banisters - Uranium Lake
In With The Out Crowd - The Autumn Stones
Everything Dies - Dripping Wet
Go For A Walk - Five Corners

Mis Amigos Odian Talulah Gosh  - Jessica & The Fletchers
I Keep On Wondering - The Sun Days
Heart Attack - Hideous Towns
Have No Problem - Zzuf
All I Could Do - Pet Theories
Let's Flip A Coin - Tomiji

Maura & Dana - Big Quiet


Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Hello again, I'm really happy with what I came up with today, hope you are too :)

Starting with Sweden's amazing Don't Cry Shopgirl, a track from their upcoming 7" ep on Cloudberry ( that is, after the next 7" on the label from The Color Waves ). After that we have a demo from Maitee, aka Mai - as she says "just a from girl Japan", and then a track from the "The Trouble With The World Is Me" cassette from Automatically Yours ( from Madison, Wisconsin).  

That's followed by "Lucy", the newie from Plastic Flowers, from an ep called "Summer of 1992", a preview of the upcoming ( in Nov ) album "Le Temps". The artist known to us as Uranium Lake ( from Northwich,UK ) - known to his parents as Thomas Rowbotham - with one of a few demosih songs up on his Soundcloud.

Then we have a taster from The Autumn Stones album "Escapists" slated for release on 7/7/this year, personally totally looking forward to that one. After that we head down to Denton, Texas for a newie from Dripping Wet, then back up north to Lake Grove, NY for Five Corners, and the first single from an upcoming album from them.

Then it's the awesome Jessica & the Fletchers, from a new split 7" ( w/ No Fucks ) on Discos Walden, then a new CD from The Sun Days with the imaginative title of "Album", which you can grab now from Luxury Records.

Melbourne's Hideous Towns have a great new 7" out ( so let's play know you'll want to buy it as well ), then Zzuf, who,  despite the label name being "Leeds Records", are from Jakarta - and a newie from them.

Pet Theories hail from Chicago and have self titled Bandcamp album let's hear from them too. Then it's Tomiji, of course the not so secret side project of Thomas from Pale Spectres and finally a new 7" from Big Quiet, out now for your instant gratification from Unblinking Ear Records.

Hope you like :) 

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