Monday, May 18, 2015

Everything, Alright! #31

Everything Alright! #31

Rumours - Labrador City
Hey Joan - The Stammer
Seadance - Seadance
For Tomorror (sic) - Fantastic Day
Took A Running Jump - Miracle Strip
Love Bludger - Baby Honey
Can't Go On - Finnmark!
Jennifer - Wild Meadows

Bluff ( Babaganouj cover ) - Dinochip
I Can't Hide My Love - Coffee Garden
My Funny Eyed Friend - Starry Eyed Cadet
Abandonware ( Josh and Jer ) - Roman a Clef
Brand New Day - megane.panda
Wolfy - Okinawa Picture Show
Stranger - Moon City Boys

Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

I have a random 10 days holidays - so that means blog binging - so let's get cracking on this one - starting in Switzerland with Labrador City from the Oh, Sister Kollektion #1 comp on the Oh Sister Recordings from Bern. Then a teaser from an upcoming album by  The Stammer from Philadelphia followed by Seadance from Montpellier from their "Delerium Celeste" CD.

Fantastic Day are from Hong Kong and today's song a preview of their upcoming "Kaleidoscope". Similarly the debut album "Magic Milk" from Glasgow's / Edinburgh's Miracle Strip is due any day now. Another debut / official release I've been looking forward to ( ever since bunging on about them way back on #20 ) is "Abandonware" from Roman A Clef, today's track a preview from that.

Some Aussie things today - "Love Bludger" from Baby Honey ( Perth ), "Jennifer" by Wild Meadows ( Melbourne ) and a cover of the Babaganouj ( Brisbane ) song "Bluff" by Dinochip ( Melbourne ).

Beko have just released a new Finnmark! CD called "Things Always Change" and Starry Eyed Cadet have a split out with Pleasantry. Coffee Garden is a side project of Milk FIlm and have released a ( totally instrumental ) mini-album called "A Perfect Day For Bluebird" and also from Japan is megane.panda - today we hear from their 2nd ep.

Okinawa Picture Show, despite the name aren't from Japan but from Birmingham ( and Bath ), today it's from a new-ish self titled tape of theirs. And ending up here with Swedish 3 piece girl-group Moon City Boys from a 7" of theirs that came out late last year.

I say "ending up here" because at some point on this mini-holiday I am planning another 'Fruit Machine" live radio show with looooooooots more to hit you with ( old and new )- stay tuned for that one.

meantime some stuff here I hope youse like :)

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