Sunday, April 19, 2015

Everything, Alright! #30

Everything Alright! #30

I Could Be Wrong - The Electric Pop Group
Esperás, no hay más - Candelaria Varela
Hurdles and Rewards - Franklin's Kite
The Situation That We're In - Library Siesta
Gone Too Soon - Lumin Bells
September - Flower Face
When I'm Tired - Totally Mild
Walking Home - Goodly Thousands
วันนี้เรานัดกัน - Wave & So
Alligator - Nevski
Turntable - JuliaWhy?
Learn - Strange Babes
Feverfew - Wallflower
Only Matters When ( Demo ) - UV-TV
You're Gonna Find Out - Big Quiet
Histamine - Eugene Gorgeous
Time To Go - Black Springs
Sigh - Summer Library
I'm Running Without Running - Mitssu

I'll Forget Everything - Screechy Club
A Promise Kept - The Fiction Aisle

Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Yes back for another mix, starting this time with a big preemptive plug for the already delayed new album from The Electric Pop Group called "Integration", which is out "as soon as possible" from Matinee - I check on this once or twice a week and I can feel it in my waters that it will happen any day now !! Based on the preview tracks that have sporadically popped up this will be well worth the wait. Unlike the song title I don't think I could be wrong on that one.

Then we are off to Argentina for Candelaria Varela from her bandcamp ep called "Confesiones de un sábado a la noche", followed by the very welcome return of the Little Treasure label, after a momentary break from releasing, and a 3"cd from Franklin's Kite ( ie Marc Elston, ie The Liberty Ship - the old Sunday Recs band ), with the title track "Hurdles & Rewards". Library Siesta from Sydney ( Redfern specifically) are after that, from a 3-track CD ep of theirs called Honey Love Time. 

Lumin Bells are an amazing sounding band from Liverpool, with a freshly recorded new album under their belt - not sure when this might be out and how - and there are some more preview songs from it up on their Soundcloud, all equally as brilliant as "Gone Too Soon".

Next up is Flower Face from Ontario - aka ( and by that I mean "actually known as" ) Ruby McKinnon and a song from her most recent ep called "Funeral Kid", only about 17 and writes and plays ( + records ) all her own stuff ( her first ep recorded in her basement ).

Then we're back over to Australia for the yay it's finally out debut full length from Totally Mild called "Down Time", available for your enjoyment via Bedroom Suck. Still in Australia, though Sydney this time we also have a track from another debut LP, this time from the JuliaWhy? LP  "Wheels" and also Black Springs, their newie, a 7" gem called 'Time To Go", a follow up to their earlier "Sunrise' CD.

Shelflife have just given us another great Goodly Thousands 4 track ep called 'Sunshine Hair", hard to knuckle down which of the 4 to play today, all great,  but finally after a long debate in my head ( on the way to and from work the last 3 days ) chose "Walking Home".

Then we have Wave And So from Thailand, on the Parinam Music label ( also home to the band Seal Pillow ) and the song called วันนี้เรานัดกัน - which Dr Google Translate says means "Today We Make An Appointment", which I suspect isn't that literal - might be more like "Today We Meet". Either way the band sounds great !!

Nevski are from Paris and we hear today from their debut ( self-titled ) ep. Strange Babes from LA have followed up the amazing 'Holiday" single from last year with a really great debut album, which they are giving away for free "with love" from the band. 

The Wallflower track is from the new Cloudberry Fanzine ( 'The Intolerable World' ) - as always a great read and every song on the accompanying CD excellent.

Then we do a bit of hangin' in The States, firstly for a demo from a Chicago band called UV-TV follows that on the High Fashion Industries label, then the a track from the debut cassette from Brooklyn's Big Quiet.

Eugene Gorgeous I can't tell you an awful lot about, other than I really like their song and that are from York and a three piece.

Then it's Summer Library aka Patrick Kelly from NY, and his track on the February Records 5 Year comp, another amazing comp with a great zine included.

Then we have 2 tracks by Takuya Mitsumura from Jaapan under the name Mittsu and also Screechy Club, total bedroom stuff and I really love it.

And closing today's mix with a band from Brighton called The Fiction Aisle and a track of theirs out on the Chord Orchard label.

as always enjoy :)


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