Saturday, March 14, 2015

Everything, Alright! #29

Everything Alright! #29

Full Moon, Hungry Sun - Kane Strang
Slumber Party - Lost Tapes
Golden ( demo ) - Mercury Girls
I'll Take You With Me - The Charlie Tipper Experiment
Carry Your Good Name - August Actually
No Moon - Chorusgirl
Double Star - Binaries
The Town Clerk's Views Again - Falling & Laughing
No Common Sense - E'spaniel
Dreamin' - Youthmemory
Everyday - Chook Race
In A Garden - Tam Vantage
Dazed - Farewell Fox
Prince Charmless -The Heurs
So You're Mine - Crumplehorns

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( or listen to / dl the mix via Box here )

A quick blurb is a good blurb today, the mix starting of with a new single from Dunedin's Kane Strang, from an upcoming album, then a newie from Lost Tapes, a 7" ep on Box Bedroom Rebels ( limited to 250 copies so hurry ). Then from Philadelphia it's Mercury Girls and a demo from them.

The Charlie Tipper Experiment are Bristolians and a band of indiepop pedigree - whose member's genome includes DNA from the likes of The Groove Farm, The Flatmates, Beatnik Filmstars, Five Year Plan among other luminaries. We hear a song today from their second release, the album "Mellow On". Then we pop up to Nottingham for August Actually and their album called "The Forever War", a CD version is also out via House vs Home Records.

Following that it's a single I'm very much looking forward to, from Chorusgirl, coming out in a few weeks on Oddbox as part of their 100 Club Series ( pre-orders available now ). BInaries is the newest Soft Power release, a super limited ( 50 only ) 3" CD.

Falling and Laughing ( Birmingham ) have a recent ( free ) ep out called "Babygraph" - having also been out previously via Oddbox. Novacastrians E'spaniel follow with a "homemade" demo of theirs and then it's over to Tokyo for Youthmemory and the title track from the Dreamin' ep.

A couple of Aussie things after that - both Melbournians - firstly Chook Race from their "About Time" LP ( and I song called Everyday which I can totally relate to, though in my case it's Pro Tools instead of Excel drudgery ), followed by Tam Vantage from the "Setting Sun" ep - the CD version of this is nearly gone / sold out and comes with a real dried flower on the front. The Tam in the band's name not referring to Tim Tam biscuits but rather Tam Matlakowski of Pop Singles fame.

Closing up today with Farewell Fox, from Sacremento and another free ep called 'Fare Thee Well", The Heurs and Crumplehorns ( from Scarborough - UK that is, not down near Wollongong in NSW ) and a 7" ep on theirs on clear yellow vinyl.