Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Everything, Alright! #28

Everything Alright! #28

Tell Me - Talking Bush
The Chaos - Slow Decades
Just Like Before - Beach Beach
eart On My Sleeve - Arsenic!
Adelaide - Requin Chagrin
Joey Too - Talia Santos
Really - Dripping Wet
Chloe's Lung - Foam On The Daydream
Up And About - Real Numbers

Endless War - The Autumn Stones
Silhouettes - Bodyheat
Hold You Down - Love Signs
Chimera - Future Echoes
- Venus Envy
Hangovers & Heartbeats - Roman Charity

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Back for another aural mini-adventure, this was meant to be the "Asia Special" but because I am waiting on few things to arrive I've moved that back.

Before we get cracking on today's blurb a little video ( in case you haven't seen it, which maybe seems unlikely looking at Twitter ) from The Orielles; being a clip for "Space Doubt"- forthcoming on vinyl I believe, which came out just as I finished making this mix...wahhh....still check it out and I will definitely sniff out that vinyl when it's out :)

Back to the business at hand, today's mix, which kicks off with Talking Bush aka Nikita Bushmanov from St Petersburg and his first outing called "Tell Me". A great first track indeed.

"The Chaos" is from the debut album called "The Frost & The Concrete" from Newcastle 5-piece Slow Decades. Then we are off to Barcelona for Beach Beach from the album "The Sea" out via the La Castanya label.

Then very happy to say we finally have some solid product from Arsenic! in the form of their debut LP "Cautious Optimism" , an 11 song album which is out now, as either digi or CD. Full of catchy gems ;) 

Requin Chagrin are from Paris and their song Adelaide is also available on the latest ( Vol 5 ) of the La Souterraine label's series of compilations of French music. Sounds good while I wait for Juniore's album....

Talia Santos is from Woodland Hills, CA ( not 100% sure where that is, but then again nobody really knows where Clovelly in Sydney is either ! ) and has also released under the name of Girl From Mars. "Joey Too" comes from her latest batch of demos.

Dripping Wet are from Denton, Texas and only formed last year, putting out a two-song mini-CD ( hand-painted ) 'Everything Grows / Yearbook" mid way through 2014. The song we hear today "Really" was released on the Meditations In Fear III cassette comp put out by Olympic Dreams Records.

Next up are Foam On The Daydream, who are Bentley Cook & D Lucille Campbell from Help Stamp Out Loneliness. The 7" single of "Chloe's Ling" is out via freakScene, and also ( the b-side alternative version ) is on a comp from that label called "FS001- A FreakScene Collection", with a few other luminaries on that comp. Then we head to Minneapolis for Real Numbers and "Up And About", another track on the No Problem Singles Clubs series I mentioned last time.

After that it's The Autumn Stones from Toronto and "Endless War", one of 3 great singles they released in 2014. Even better news is they are currently in the studio working on a 2nd album ( to follow up their debut "Companions Of The Flame" ), current thinking is a possible Spring release...er...Northern Hemisphere Spring that is for us Hemispherically challenged Aussies, either way that's "not so far away".

Bodyheat are from Glasgow and as far I can figure thus far have only recorded song up on the interwebs - "Silhouettes" ( hopefully that will change soon ), They have been gigging recently with the likes of The Very Most, Yakuri Cable, Model Village and The Orchids. Here's a clip of them late last year ( supporting The Orchids ) called "New Demographic"

Next up is Love SIgns from Brisbane, with their second single "Hold You Down", here's their clip for that....

Finishing off the mix with Future Echoes, a one man outfit from Kent, from the Sound Waves Ep, followed by Venus Envy who are from Cambridge, "Improvise" one of four tracks they recorded last year and finally we end in Dublin for Roman Charity, another one man affair with a song from their one & only single which came out last year.

And one final video, from brisbane band The Creases - totally worth a mention and because of their record label I wouldn't be able to play a song in my mix without getting into trouble, so just a video. This track is from their "Gradient" ep which came out digitally in the middle of 2014 but finally made it onto 10" vinyl in December - which you can buy here. Meantime the video for "Static Lines" from the EP...which I am pretty sure features Izzy the singer from Love SIgns in the crowd ( or a good doppleganger ) though given Emma from Love Signs was in an earlier video I reckon my science is pretty good...


Thanks for listening, watching and reading and buying / supporting bands & labels when you can, see you next time when it definitely IS the promised Asia Special.

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