Sunday, September 27, 2015

Everything, Alright #34

Everything Alright! #34


In My Heart - Coolport
Room For Rent ( Demo ) - Nancy Sin
Hold On, Call - A Certain Smile
She's My Hero - Crayon Fields
Nowhere To Run - Traveling With Monica
Light Blue - Old Lacy Bed
Just Like Them - Alpaca Sports
Not Used To Losing - Love Signs
rtvacado - WHALO
Lemonhead Boys - Jessica & The Fletchers
Duke - Tuff Love
Summer Song - Peaness
QC - TV Ugly
Sunshower - Flowertruck
Awkward Dreams - Thee Mightees

Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Hello once again for another ramble through some indie stuff lurking about at the mo.....

First up we have Coolport aka Silvia, Scott and Tim from Auckland, taken from their Bandcamp Lp called "Car". Then a very impressive first offering of 2 demos from Nancy Sin aka Joey Clara and Nick from San Diego.

Dufflecoat are totally on fire at the moment, including an upcoming All Dayer - see below - and one of their many great recent releases is the CD ep from A Certain Smile ( aka Strum Strum, Pick Pick, Bang Bang, Sing Sing - HA HA ! ), who are themselves selling a cassingle version - if you'd prefer that to the CD.

Then it's a song from the long awaited new album from Melbourne's Crayon Fields called 'No One Deserves You", out now for your total enjoyment from the always brilliant Chapter Music.

Traveling With Monica are a 3 piece from Bangkok, former members of the Thai band The Passion Of Anna, who've just put out their debut s/t ep.

After that we have something from the new Old Lacy Bed mini-LP called "She Daydreams", out now on 2670 records , followed by a song from something I am sure needs no introduction - ie the new Alpaca Sports 10" Mini LP "When You Need Me The Most", as always amazingly brilliant. If you haven't already pre-ordered your copy ( release any day now ) - then you can either grab it from Elefant, Luxury or from the AS bandcamp - there is also a Linited CD version with an extra track ( of course I got that as well ! ). 

If you're in the UK - check this awesome billing for the Dufflecoat all dayer on Nov 14th

Back to today's mix we then move to a great new single from Brisbane's Love SIgns, the third single, so far they have released digi-only but I have a fantasy that one day I'll own something of theirs on vinyl ( this fantasy extends as far as a split 7 with Babaganouj - any takers of the challenge out there ?? ). Anyway I love this band and so here's the clip for said latest tune

Then it's WHALO from Nottingham / Stockholm from their debut EP "Sleepy" followed by the debut full length from Jessica & The Fletchers called "Connecting People" which is out right now from Discos De Kirlian. "Duke" is a song from the new Tuff Love 10" called "Dregs", coming in November and available for pre-order now from Lost Map.

Peaness are a 3 piece from Chester who have a great ep out called "No Fun", TV Ugly ( spelt tv ugly really ) are from Vancouver and have a tape out called "UCLA Yankee Cola" via Alarum Records, Flowertruck are from Sydney ( and I love a good song that name checks inner city Sydney ), "Sunshower" being from their Dirt Ep, and last but of course not least are Thee Mightees from Sheffield, who have been drip feeding us with some great tracks on their Bandcamp.

And to wrap up today's rave, I am busting for the new Ocean Party LP "Light Weight" due here in Oz on Oct 9, a little later OS - meantime buy yourself a Light Weight t-shirt here and get the first 2 preview songs "'Guess Work" and "Greedy" as a download, and finally here is a so called "unofficial fan clip" for Guess Work -

As always, enjoy and see you next time ;)


  1. I offered Babaganouj to do something late last year... but they showed absolutely no interest. It was one of the saddest days... it pains me that they haven't released anything yet. Seems it's an Australian thing, it's not the first time it happens to me, perhaps they want an Aussie label?... thing is, that then you see all these bands releasing digital only and you just get a bit angry hahaha.

  2. I know , it's crazy bananas - you and I both love vinyl the same I think - so I just don't understand !