Sunday, July 21, 2013

Everything, Alright! #21

Hello again, back in the saddle -
1••••1•• Alphonsine - Moscow Olympics
2••••2•• Fruit Flies - Go Cozy
3••••3•• Ricochet - Monnone Alone
4••••4•• By My Side - StarTropics
5••••5•• Hearts - Afternoon Talk
6••••6•• Back To Sleep - The Funeral Advantage
7••••7•• Didn't Know Where To Go - Pale Spectres
8••••8•• Video Song - Let's Be Loveless
9••••9•• I Love You More Than Summertime - Archaster
10••••10•• Fake Gold Pt 1 Wonderful Life - Boys Age
11••••11•• Orange Tree Blossom - The Churchill Garden
12••••12•• Shivers - Danny Pinn
13••••13•• Laura V - The Meaning Of Life
14••••14•• We Love You, Slag - Judy
15••••15•• #dearlove - Spirit Ocean
16••••16•• Kärleken Brinner - De Montevert
She's The One - The Volcano Dream
Ocean - The Wellington
Shut - Colour Me Wednesday
My Life As A Trashcan - Amida

*** listen, etc via Box here

or on Soundcloud...via here

Another bumper crop today, starting with a recent track from the ever brilliant Moscow Olympics, available for a wee price from Beko.

Then it's Go Cozy a four ( or is it five ? ) piece outa Silver Spring, Maryland,US - today's song is from an old 2011 ep called "Glimmer", there's some more recent stuff on their soundcloud & bandcamp

Monnone Alone is a new project by Mark Monnone, who was the bass player from The Lucksmiths. He's just released a great album called "Together At Last".

Then we're back in the States ( Chicago ) for StarTropics, from their milk white coloured 7" on the sadly now defunt Manic Pop! label. You can still get the single ( and a t-shirt ) as a digi download here and a free 4 track ep here.

Saddened by the sudden demise they will be the subject of my next episode of Back Track, one of my internet radio shows, this will go live to air this coming Fri evening ( Sydney time ) 26.7, tune in live via my Spreaker channel, or you can listen anytime afterwards there or via here

Afternoon Talk are from Bandar Lampung, Indonesia and last year released a free d/l ep on a label called Hujan! Rekords, you can grab their self titled ep here. Today's song 'Hearts" is from their second single which can be bought by contacting the band directly.   

The Funeral Advantage is not especially my favourite name for a band, but the music is great - aka Dirk Monroe - there is a 5 track ep called Demo available here & here.

The Pale Spectres ( Paris ) are virtual veterans of this site ( ha ha ! ) and the song today is available for a VERY short time only on their soundcloud

Let's Be Loveless are Brooklynites, and they have a self titled ep out on digi form, limited edition purple cassette or ye olde CD.

Both the Archaster & Spirit Oceans tracks are from the new SEA Indie comp called "Erasing Memories : Vandals on The Wall", which is a co release with the Vandals on The Wall ( Filipino ) blog.

Boys Age are from Japan and today's song is from the Fake Gold album, which you can buy here as either double CD, cassette or digi.

The Churchill Garden is the music of Andy Jossi from Lucerne in Switzerland, who has amazing tunes on both his soundcloud and his own website

Danny Pinn is a Sydney based musician who has released 6 solo albums ( a new one is rumoured to be on the way ), if you buy one of his albums you can also get a personalised drawing / fridge magnet. Today's song Shivers is a cover of the Boys Next Door track - part of the Op Shop Countdown radio internet show / covers project.

The Meaning Of Life are also from ye olde Bigge Apple and today's song is from their Play Fuego ep ( their 2nd release ) which you can buy here.

Judy from France we played once before and this time we have a track from a comp from ( a French) magazine called Le Noeud Pap

De Montevert is another repeat offender, alias Ellinor Nillson from Sweden, today's song is a recent track of hers.

Then we are back over to Amsterdam and The Volcano Dream is another project from one half of The San Diegos who we played last time.

The Wellington from Indonesia brings us some more great shoegaze today, from another SEA comp called "Lasting Fun, Forever Young ( Indiepop Scene Vol 2 )" 

Colour Me Wednesday from Uxbridge in Britain are just about to release an album called "I Thought It Was Morning", today's track Shut is from that.

And finally also in GB, it's a something from last year from Amida, and the title track from the album "My Life As A Trashcan"

As always please enjoy - and support bands / artists / labels and buy as much music as you can !! 

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