Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Everything, Alright! #20

Hello again, a longer than normal dose to cover my absence -
1••••1•• Things You Tell Me - Secretly French
2••••2•• I Can Never Be - The Colleagues
3••••3•• Nightschool - Ancient Times
4••••4•• Things To Look Forward To - Falling Trees
5••••5•• Telephone - Alpaca Sports
6••••6•• Out Of Touch - The San Diegos
7••••7•• Someway - The Saturnettes
8••••8•• Can You Keep A Secret - The Birthday Kiss
9••••9•• PSBTV - Roman à Clef
10••••10•• What Do You Know - Venlo
11••••11•• Dry Your weary Eyes - Venlo
12••••12•• Dress Up, Make Up - Boyish
13••••13•• Tonight - Popits
14••••14•• Nytt - Verdensrommet
15••••15•• Higher & Higher - The Fireworks
16••••16•• Marmalade - The Manticores
17••••17•• Marionette - Hotel
18••••18•• Shades - The Humberts
19••••19•• Front Porch - Gloss
20••••20•• Night Rats - Flower Drums


Back on the scene after a while away, and starting with Secretly French from Stockholm, who we played last time, and since I was away so long in the interim they have actually split - according to their Soundcloud they only existed for 6 months and played one gig only....and are no more. They left behind a bunch of great ( and raw ) songs on their Soundcloud page for all to enjoy.
Then it's The Colleagues from Bandung in Indonesia, from a song from their ep out now on Dufflecoat, then an upcoming release on Soft Power from Brighton ( UK ) based Ancient Times and "Nightschool", which will be one side of a double-A on that label.

Also from the UK ( Devon ) are Falling Trees, who have released an album called "The Memories That Hold Us Together" via Pastime Records. ( produced by Andy Fonda of The June Brides )

Alpaca Sports need no introduction I'm sure, Telephone being from their split 7 on Dufflecoat / Luxury with Acid House Kings ( sold out already apparentely !! ), though it is still available to buy as a download at Alpaca Sports bandcamp ( where they still have tote bags for sale btw - ultra cool and highly recommended for the stylish and smart shopper ) or you can even get it on iTunes if you're that way inclined.

The San Diegos are from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. 

The Saturnettes is an alias of Jann Wilde from Helsinki and "Someway" is a preview track from the upcoming ( 2nd ) album.

The Birthday Kiss have released a 7" on Death Party Records, a double A ( which seems to have sold out as well ! ).

Then we're onto Roman à Clef - a collab between Ryan Newmyer from A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Jen Goma with Kurt Feldman as producer. Waay cool, I love this sh*t. Not sure how or where this will be released yet....

Two songs follow from Venlo from NY, from an album they put out late last year called "Forever Lost" and an an earlier single called 'What Do You Know".

Then Boyish from Japan, who are upcoming on Cloudberry with a 7" ep as well as having recently released an album called "Everything You Say".

Staying in Japan for the Popits, then we are over to Bergen ( via Skien ), Norway for Verdensrommet, with an ep called "Sidelings" they've released on a label called Nabovarsel.

The Fireworks ep came out last month on Shelflife, while The Manticores are a 2 piece from Atlanta, stuff has been coming out from them this year and you can grab the songs over on their bandcamp. Staying in the US for Hotel and their album called " !!!", The Humberts are Finnish and Gloss are one of the impressive roster on Manic Pop! Records and finally today we're over to Perth in WA for some homegrown sand-groping dream-pop from Flower Drums.

you know the drill, please enjoy :)

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