Sunday, April 2, 2017

Everything, Alright! #35 - back from the yonder

Everything Alright! #35


Speak About It - Radio Orwell
Sushi Later - the bv’s
Water In The Flowing River - Secret Meadow
Dumb Boys - Xenon Superstar
Win The Universe - Next Time Passions
If You Are My Tammy I Can Be Your George - Small Imperfections
Bed Bugs - Brunch Club
Street Lights - Battery Point
TV Food - Tampopo
The Ballad of Armley Jail - The Artisans
A Question for Mr Richardson - Those Unfortunates
Would She Love Me - Closure
Yesterday is Gone - The Cottons
Hateful Summer - Luby Sparks
Wasted Yet Sad - Tinsel Heart
Demon ( demo ) - The Keep Left Signs
Ten Thousand Years - The Jasmine MInks
Out To Sea - Love Parade
Love At First Sight - Marc Elston
Savages - Slow Decades
Foolish Things - The King In Mirrors
Slinky Day - Black Springs
Generic Girl, Your Heroine - Girl, Girl
The Sweetest Feeling - The Perfect English Weather
Wounds - Ourselves The Elves


Please support bands and labels and BUY indie music :)

Despite my previous grand announcement that this blog had been retired in favour of News From The Colonies here we are back again !

Was finding it difficult to sit down and do the new thing, given I'd set it up as live radio stream thing, turns out easier to do it this way...

Lots to catch up on. so here we go........kicking off with Radio Orwell from Ipswich ( UK ) from their 2nd bandcamp album ( called #2 ), then the highly anticipated debut lp " Speaking From A Distance" by the bv's, out via their bandcamp or direct from the Augsburg ( Germany ) label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten, this release will be limited to 300 copies so I suggest you get cracking !

Then another great Jigsaw discovery Secret Meadow from Jakarta and their CD ep called "Same Old Fear" Then it's Xenon Superstar from Boulder, Colorado off their "Dreams Are For Babies" bandcamp ep, a new CD from Greece's Next Time Passions called "Another Wish" out via the Melotron Recordings label.

Small Imperfections follow, from Stockholm, a new outfit from Magnus Karlsson from The Charade & happydeadmen, from a brilliant 4 track self titled ep. Also self titled is the Brunch Club Ep, from Edmonton in Canada, a 3 tracker from Battery Point ( from Chula Vista in California ) and Tampopo from Denmark, a side project of Kasper from The Glow Cats.

Then we are off to the North-East ( Hartlepool / Newcastle ) for a new single from The Artisans. Then back down to the capital for a single Those Unfortunates.

Two more from Indonesia follow, firstly Closure from Malang, from their Journey Ep out on the very small but great label "let's kiss a secret", whose other release "Some Popkids Are Even Worse" by The Whistling Possum is one of many brilliant tracks on the must-have CD16 comp on Impermeable Records from Peru. Then it's The Cottons and their ep called "It's Only A Day" on the Dismantled label from Jakarta, who have also stuff by Humsikk and Aggi.

Luby Sparks, from Japan,  previously had a tape on Miles Apart & have just put out a 7" on new label called Sailyard. Then the ( deservedly ) much hyped Tinsel Heart from Malmo and a track from their fantastic 'Hey Boyfriend!' ep. Also from Sweden ( Stockholm ) are The Keep Left Signs, who have recently put up some new demos. Also new - song wise that is - but not band wise - is a new 7" from The Jasmine Minks, who are still sounding great.
Then some old and new in a Elston family tree type thing, firstly an oldie from Love Parade, from a compilation from the German label A Turntable Friend called "A Test Of Time", a triple LP ( double CD ) and then on the other side of the tree, Marc ( Elston ) and a cover of The Gist's "Love At First Sight" which is from a ( French ) comp called "Stuart Moxham In The Straight World", featuring covers of various Stuart Moxham bands ( plus one new song from The Gist ).  

Staying up Newcastle way we then have a song from the new Slow Decades album called "Hinterlands" , their 2nd album. A bit further south, well way further south really, in Swindon are The King Of Mirrors and a new single from them. Even further south than that, waay down under - in my hometown so I can say that - is the album from Black Springs called "When We Were Great"

Then we have Girl Girl from Seattle, "Isobar Blues", the ( nearly sold out CD ) from The Perfect English Weather ( the side project of Simon & Wendy from The Popguns ) and Ourselves The Elves from Manila.

Hope you like and enjoy listening and please always buy as much music as you can :)

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