Friday, September 28, 2012

Everything, Alright! #17

Hi again :) 

First up a clip by Alpaca Sports

firstly with the exciting news there will be a Cloudberry release later in the year for Alpaca Sports ( including "She'll Come Back For Indian Summer" ) but also a timely reminder of their current 7" "I Was Running" being out now and available from 3 labels - Dufflecoat, Luxury & Susy Recs.

On today's mix we start off in Austin, Texas for Mini-Dresses ( a semi hush-hush side project of another band with the same duo, whose identity I'm sworn to secrecy on..., but I will give you a clue, the name begins with an "S" ). A trip over to their bandcamp will sort you out with a 2 track single and 5 track mini-album - well worth the journey indeed :)

We have a a few from Japan today - Jolie Joli ( a 3 piece girl group ) with a Lush cover, Civic, and Old Lacy Bed ( aka Tomomi Sadakata ) & Homecomings, (  quote - 'kyoto,girls,indie,guitar pop' - unquote), the last 2 from an absolutely brilliant comp of Japanese bands out from Ano(t)raks called "Soon VA", you can get the comp from their bc.

A few of my countrymates in Some Jerks ( Brisbane ) a track from their upcoming album called "Buddy Rich Made Me Cry" album & Greyjoy ( Perth ), from a forthcoming ep of theirs.

Some French bands - Judy ( from Reims ), who have a free d/l album called "Maquette Maison" available on their bc & Soft Pastels ( Dijon )

Flowers I hope you know & love - and if so I'm sure you'll be watching out for their upcoming 4 track ep on Cloudberry, in the meantime there's a little interim gem of a download from them to be discovered on their bc.

Calm As The Colour are from Fife in Scotland and their latest release is an ep called "Tomorrow Belongs to A World Apart", again pop on over to their bc to get this one.

Triads are a 3 piece from Georgia & Star Horse are from Stockholm and have a 4 track ep out any day now called "Crush", pre-orders and preview track for those ordering guessed it, their bandcamp.

Orca Orca is the alias of Jimmy Hewitt outa Boston, who has a few releases up on his bc, todays' track "South Carolina" from the latest ep called Remnants.

And finally another tres-excellent release coming up on Dufflecoat is a brilliant track from Some Gorgeous Accident, sounds awesome.

here ya go - enjoy :)

•• Post Office Girls - Mini Dresses
•• Breeze - Jolie Joli
•• Day Off - Triads
•• Sometimes - Calm As The Colour
•• Never Know - Some Jerks
•• Origin - Soft Pastels
•• Coastlands - Old Lacy Bed
•• You Never Kiss - Homecomings
•• Marybelle - Star Horse
•• South Carolina - Orca Orca
•• When You Die - Flowers
•• See You Shine - Some Gorgeous Accident
•• Distance - Greyjoy
•• Sealeste - Judy
•• Toilet Paper - Civic ( Japan )

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