Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everything, Alright! mix #2

A special thanks today to JA, a regular listener for sticking by the cause and putting me onto some great tunes, thanks Jose Antonio, I really appreciate it :)

So here's the 2nd mix....

•• To The NIght - Earth First
•• Fishing For Moonlight - Sleuth
•• Wilderness - The Burning Hearts
•• Sink Your Heart - Arsenic!
•• Blue Star - Seapony
•• Words - The Motifs
•• Visions - Zipper
•• For A Moment We're Strangers - The Church
•• Meanwhile - Liechtenstein
•• Tug - The History Of Apple Pie
•• Your Voice Was Like Bowie's - Boa Constrictor
•• Visual Explanations - The Andersen Tapes
•• What's A Girl To Do - The Haircuts
•• Headshot - Everything Gone Green

Things to buy, places to listen -

Earth First - check him out on his Bandcamp

Sleuth - grab their "Brave Knew Nothing" cassette before it sells out on their Bandcamp

The Burning Hearts - a preview of a new ep ( out in June 21 ) on Shelflife

Arsenic! - more great songs on their Soundcloud

Seapony - have their debut album "Go With Me" out via Hardly Art

The Motifs - a new split 7" ( w/ The Zebras ) via Knock Yr Socks Off

Zipper - buy the 7" from Cloudberry

Liechtenstein - new CDr via Fraction Discs

The History of Apple Pie

- see their myspace & their Soundcloud

Boa Constrictor - newie rumoured 2 be coming on Cloudberry, meantime check out their myspace

The Andersen Tapes - buy their album As I Write 'Today" Ten Times

via Fraction Discs

The Haircuts & Everything Gone Green - just 2 of the many great songs from the comps on the Popscene Manila Bandcamp

Download the mp3 of this mix :)

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  1. Nice to see the Church in such a mix. Surprisingly overlooked by the jangly indiepop contingent.